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Recent posts by Sanchit Kapur

Hi Abhay,
I was facing the same problem then i found the following link and tomcat is started working now


12 years ago
Worked for me as well.. after copying the msvcr71.dll fro jre bin to tomcat bin
12 years ago
congrats buddy
12 years ago

Ikpefua Jacob-Obinyan wrote:Congratulations!

thanks mate.. your posts are indeed very helpful.

Prashanth Patha wrote:Congratulations Sanchit Kapur............ you got good score.

Thanks Mate..
Congratulations Buddy.. have fun

shuba gopal wrote:Congratulations Great score!

What Mocktests did you use and what were your last few scores?

one Mock exam which was in K & B book.. wizLabs.. and quite a few present at

If you read k & B book religiously.. you'll get it through.. be regular to this forum..most of the questions which i came accross.. were already been discussed here..
Hi all,
Today i finally cleared by OCPJP with 98% Marks.

after 18 months of work when i sat for exam.. i was actually quite tensed. Allow me to brief you my story.

Started new to Java being an Oracle DBA.
Studies Headfirst for 6 months, it helped me clearing my basics..
wrote few codes.. just played around with java api's.

Then read the K & B Certification book Twice.. yes.. twice.. solved all the questions.. and i was regular to this forum (though as a silent observer).
Oracle purchasing Sun.. i thought there'll be drastic change in the pattern.. but being regular here.. i felt releived to see that there was not that much change as i expected

OCPJP 1.6 certified..
Next mission starts tommrow when i purchase Headfirst for Servlets and JSP's

Special thanks to Kathy & Bert for making this friendly place for all the people..

Also i can't miss 1 name.. Mr Hassan who helped me when i was in deep confusion that weather or not i am ready for exam..

Good luck to every one ..


SVeena Devi wrote:Hai bert ,I am only looking for Mock Exams......
Hi Anil Thanks for your responce

Read the book.. you'll fall in love with it.. (this being my second love.. First one being HeadFirst ) you wont even need mock exams
Trust me ..

Ademola Okerinde wrote:

Mike Zal wrote:Oracle Certification Blog Post

Some interactive question types were removed from several Java and Solaris exams (including "matching" and "drag-and-drop" questions).

i am new to the forum, i am preparing for the OCJP SE 6 exam too.

Welcome to Ranch Ademola . Have a Happy stay here

Navyatha Narkedamilli wrote:

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:Adding to links suggested by Sanchit ScjpFaq has lots of useful information.

And Navyatha, welcome to JavaRanch

May be if you would have done a SearchFirst you would have definitely found some very useful discussions.

Thank you Sanchit and Sanaulla

Most Welcome Navyatha,
have a happy stay at Ranch.

Navyatha Narkedamilli wrote:Hi ,

I am currenly preparing for scjp/ocjp 1.6 exam and have some confusions regarding the exam pattern and the syllabus.I have started preparing kaithy sierra which is making me to understand the concepts without any difficulty.
So could some one please let me know about this...Thanks in advance


Hi Navyatha,there are many posts already going on for the saem discussion.
Please find the below link for the same :

Ankit Garg wrote:Yes each question will tell you how many options are correct. You can find more such information in the ScjpFaq...

Thanks Ankit,
Also i wanted to confirm that there will be no Drag & Drop Questions in the exam (its just preparing yourself mentally for kind of questions.)
Many Congratulations to you..
and go for the technology which you like.. Servlets or EJB.

Hi Ranch,
Greetings.. this question is for those people who has given SCJP 1.6 Exam recently.
Can you guys can please tell that weather in the exam question is it mentioned that how many options we have to select in the answer.
Like if there are 2 answers for the questions does the question says (select two) like we see in Mock exams ?

I am asking this questions because being a OCA ,10g DBA track (i actually was a DBA ), oracle did not gave that much information in that exam..we had to be so much sure that if the question is multiple answers..and if 3 options are correct.. and we choose 2.. the answer was treated as wrong .