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Recent posts by Tom Sanders

Hi there,

I have an application with should use at most 2GB of heap, as specified via -Xmx2048m, however it regularly throws an OutOfMemory-Exception (even after I increased the max heap amount to 3GB). After I examined the the heap, I noticed that it is only 1.1GB in size which leaves me abit puzzled as to why this is happening.
I mean, if it cannot allocate more than 1.1GB, then the app should even start with the -Xmx2048m param but instead throw an OoM-Exception immediatly.

Does anyone know what can cause this? As a sidenote, the jvm-vendor is IBM, version is 1.6 and operating system is AIX.
9 years ago

Michael Clare wrote:The problem appears to be solved. As you can see in the screenshot 310-252A now appears in my list of choices.

Thanks for the heads up, it's working for me now aswell. I already purchased my assignment and got the URLyBird.

Joao Sov wrote:I have got a response from them today:

Hi Joao,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We are working on this with Prometric and we will revert in 2-3 working days.

OCP Team

Thanks, good news.

Roel De Nijs wrote:In either case I would send an e-mail to and ask for some clarification (don't forget to mention your prometric id)

Thank you. I already sent an email to that adress but alas oracle seems to be pretty slow when it comes to a response.

Joao Sov wrote:I am in the same situation, recently finished the OCPJP and want to take the SCJD. The assignment option is no longer there. Last week it was there with a cost of 125$. I have sent an email to know how can I register. Lets hope this is just a temporary situation.

Let's hope they resolve this issue in the - not so distant - future, seeing as the requirements for the SCDJ change on 1. August.
Hello everyone,

I recently sucessfully completed the SCJP so I thought that I proceed straight ahead and take on the SCJD aswell. As we know, the SCJD consists of two parts, the assignment (310-252A) and the exam (310-027). However after I registered on the site where you can download the assignment (, I only see the following tests:

Since this is my first attempt, I guess I cannot take the Resubmission (310-252R), which leaves me abit puzzled because 310-252A is not available.

Does anyone know if you are supposed to take 310-252R instead of 310-252A or if there's something wrong with the site?