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Recent posts by Joao Sov

Courses would make only sense as optional.
8 years ago
The mandatory course requirement was the "icing on the cake" as a method to get more money from us with less value from their part.

What to I gain as an individual developer who wants to pursue an assignment with a project submission by taking some courses about stuff that I know well?

It simply doesn't make sense. Oracle is doing damage with the language. For example, Java 7 is a minor update to the language.. Where is a Multi Core optimized standard library? Etc etc.... Oracle = Greedy with Money company.
8 years ago
I have submitted my scjd assign in the 25th September and taken the exam in the 29th September. In the certview my Master Assignment Exam is "Taken". How could you get your result in one day?

That shows a totally lack of criteria and respect from the Oracle and Pearson Vue for the other persons who submitted and taken the exam assignment much time before us.

What is the objective? To give less credibility to the Certification?
8 years ago
Ok, I'm sorry. I thought that the other user was with a similar question.

Regarding the mechanism, I will follow your advice and use no mechanism at all. Many thanks for the fast reply.
In my implementation I'm using sockets for the communications because it gives me more freedom to implement my thread manager and a lot of control in my communication objects/commands.

My question is, how do I implement a mechanism to push the changes between clients?
Possible solutions:
1 - Create a socket in each client to receive the changes made by another user?
2 - Use RMI and use UnicastRemoteObject with a subscription mechanism instead of using sockets at all?
3 - Use a mechanism in which Client A requests a room that is already booked (Client B booked it) but in the interface it appears that it is still free. When Client A selects the option to book an error/warning message occurs and an update package comes from the response object.

I'm more inclined in using option 3. But still thinking in what should be the better solution.

David Byron wrote:Note also the rumor (not yet confirmed on the Oracle cert website) that the 01 August deadline to avoid the training requirement may be bumped to 01 October.

Where did you hear this rumors? It was really nice if this rumor is confirmed. If you can unveil more about this subject I would thank you.
I have got a response from them today:

Hi Joao,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We are working on this with Prometric and we will revert in 2-3 working days.

OCP Team


I am in the same situation, recently finished the OCPJP and want to take the SCJD. The assignment option is no longer there. Last week it was there with a cost of 125$. I have sent an email to know how can I register. Lets hope this is just a temporary situation.