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Recent posts by Govinda Gopala


this is like embedding a save draft feature in Struts 2
can you just direct me how to do this
10 years ago
Can you direct me how to achieve a save draft feature in Struts 2

like a user while filling the form has a button save draft on clicking it will save the current state of the operation

when he resumes filling the form it has to start from the same state
10 years ago
i know its bit late can you please elaborate
10 years ago
yeah exactly

there are going to be lot of JSPs

Screen1--->screen2--->screen3---->finally save button

but there will be save draft button which will save the data entered by the user
into a temp location not into Database

so that when he resumes ,data entered by him previously will be displayed
10 years ago

i want to achieve this

there is a really big form so user has an option of filling it up later

while he is trying to fill it up ,data which he filled earlier should be prepopulated

only after filling it up completely it should be saved in the database

where and how to save this temporary data

10 years ago
Thank you very much peter

atleast now i know what i have to search for

you said CVS is inbuilt how to use/access that in indigo?
i am new to eclipse
but it is a fab tool
i heard there are many plugins available which makes working in eclipse easy

just wanted to know how to do the version control in eclipse

i use indigo
inorder to take backup

i copy my workspace everytime is there any tool which makes this thing happen in eclipse itself


everytime i design/modify a jsp i have to run inorder to see the changes

is there any way to see the changes instantly(like a preview function)

hoping you guys will help

Following is the scenario i want to pass multiple idds into javascript and fetch those values into the java how am i suppose to do this

the code is as follows


following is the html

figured it out

am suppose to use control
in the function definition
and while fetching
i have a simple doubt

am suppose to pass an id into javascript

where am suppose to fetch from the passed argument in javascript using getelementbyid

how am i suppose to do this?

in the html


this is not working?

thank you very much you helped me a lot
guys i hav a situation

i want to print a form(jsp )

during printing a signature has to be appended

this should not be visible in the jsp(normal viewing)

only during printing this has to be appended

how to do this
hi i have this framework springs+struts2+hibernate framework

and am new to all this

am suppose to design a simple table on the jsp
the catch is its having 8 columns
all of thehm are having uniform size
columns like serial no are also taking up same size as that of name
i want to shrink the serial number and expand name

although i tried playing with the width attribute of td the column size seems to be fixed kindly help
How do i invoke an excel inside a jsp such that as soon as i click a button in the JSP a separate POPup of excel
should open
help appreciated
10 years ago
Hi am new to struts

the application which i use employs java struts 1.1

here say if i enter a values in the front end (jsp)

it will be stored in the corresponding table in the database

now how does this happen

where does the data (values )in the jsp go (like will it go to form,bean or what,BO)
like where will it go after entering in the jsp

can you please help me out

11 years ago