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I know the cows are good it's a award. I'm really happy to be one of the gang now.

Thanks everyone and thanks Knute for the cow.

Wow my first Cow! Who says having a cow is a bad thing! LOL!!!


Here is my code:

I had to add a note to the column of the data base then I had to code the following code the blow methods.
This first method I had to String note and set the note to the type Product p object. This is in my getProductFromRow(ResultSet rs) method.

Then I had to created a place holder for my note using the four  "?" in my sql string.
Then I had to set the string with ps.setString(4, product.getNote()), this is in my add method

I also had to do the same with the update method as well.

I will give you guys some output as well, this is attached.

Thanks for the help guys, this is a great place to get help.

Thanks again,


Actually I got this to work, I actually have to add a column called note to the data base. I'll post this and my code for all to share.

I'm actually trying to tutor in core Java, and I just want to go through the text we are using so I know what I'm doing.

I think the students like myself have trouble with databases. The code actually works and I'm able to create a note column and this display it to the console.

The student get a kick out of it when I make mistakes, but after all that is how we learn, right?

What programming teaches the student is to create a solution not known yet. They all think I have the answers and they are shock to know I do not.

The key is to break the problem down in steps, the students must master the computer between thier ears first. Then we can code.

Actually, this is pretty cool stuff!


Thanks for the help, actually a friend of mine said I should just select the file and use that as my MySQL library.

Here is a snap shot. Note I'm getting a SQL exception. This is okay and I'll just have to check my SQL statements in my java code.

At least now I can connect to the database.

I will be helping the students out with their assignments next semester and I want to brush up on Java before I do so.

Thanks Knute!

Hi all,

I'm trying to connect to a mysql data base. I got the following :

I have been having trouble setting up MySQL to connect with Netbeans. I have included some snapshots.

The first snapshot is when it appears that the database are connected. Noticed the localhost:3306/mma?

and localhost3306/m ysql in the upper right corner seem to be connected. But when I try to list products it gives me an exception error :Stating that there is no suitable driver for jdbc:mysql://localhost: 3303/mma

In the new Connection Wizard, notices that the m ysql data base is selected. Should this be the mma database, can I just type the mma name in and test the connection?

I tested the m ysql (notices the name has a space "m ysql") is this right? The test concluded that the connection Succeeded.

When I pressed the finish button on snapshot 3 it gave me this message: that connection already exists.

I have installed, the "Murach's Java Programming" said that I should already have this type of connector: I could not find it. After installing this connector I have Jconnector 8.0.15 in a JARfile.

I'll attach the PNGs of the exception error, so that it explains my issue better.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks Dave for your input, I want to show how to do this to students who are in programming class.
They were asking how to learn web app development with Java, and I showed them a you-tube video .
Now the students are excited!

I have experience on setting up MAMP on Win 10, but never had to install Tomcat.

I just wanted to get the skinny on this topic.

Thanks again!

3 years ago
Thanks Bear, I love your analogy using the county clerks describing static and dynamic documents. I'm going to have to get Apache Tomcat server as well to run JSP and Servlets.

Do you have any information on setting up Apache on a Win machine?

I think the Heads First Servlets and JSP, would be a great book to have.

Thanks again for all your knowledge.

Have a great day!

3 years ago

I have went through a basic Java course and algorithm course. I was wondering if I need to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript before learning servlets.


3 years ago
Hi Jonothon,

You might want to take a break, it is hard sometimes if you are tired to solve a problem.

Sometimes when my students are having trouble with a problem the best way is to break it down in to steps.
In understanding algorithms, we must go step by step.

Do a few problems on paper and then try to use pseudo code to write the steps then afterwards you can translate to code.

You are not stupid and please do not get frustrated we all make msitakes.

Take care!

5 years ago

I had one of my students from last semester actually show me how to clear the history in the browsers that I have in notepad++.
You are right, you need to clear the history on the browser but I did not know how to do this.

You have to reopen the browser(or refresh after you clear the history) and then the links are red(not yet visited)and after you visit the links they are green. When you hover over the link it is pink, when the link is active/selected it is blue.

This is pretty interesting subject!

I had a couple of students who had trouble with a HTML/JavaScript class and they came to me and I tried to help them. I must say, I was not very much help.

Hopefully after I complete this Intro to HTML book I have, I can help out more.

I actually teach business calculus. I actually hated programming while going to school myself I like math more.  


The link after the NSF where is says <here> is green the other two links are correct.
Here that I'm refering to has bold tags around it.


Bill !
Hi Bear,

I'm actually using notepad++ and when I open my webpage in FireFox, it seems that the color in the a:link{} pseudo class is set by the browser.
I noticed that you use jfiddle to test your CSS, is this a better editor than notepad++?

Okay I got to use jfiddle to post the code!

I'll post the code as soon as I can get it on jfiddle.

I'm trying to style links on a web page, I can not get the links to display the link color of the a:link{} pseudo class, all I can get is the visited color even when I did not visited the link in the first place.

Here is my code: