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Recent posts by Ritika Prasad

Hi Jason,

Sorry to hear about your experience with Whizlabs.
But now we have updated our videos and the course material.

Please visit our new website for other courses : www.whizlabs.com

Hi Getulio Miranda,

How was your exam.
Please give us your input, as how was the Whizlabs simulator useful for your practice.
Any feedback would be welcome.

Hi Balajir,

Did you get a chance to use our product and try the video.
You can also try our simulator which has lots of questions to practice on with good explanation.

Do let me know, if I can be of any help.
You can contact me at ritika@whizlabs.com

Have a nice day.
Hi Angelo,

Congratulations for the certification.
And thanks a lot for your positive and valuable feedback.

In future, if you purchase any product from Whizlabs, we will offer you discount. Please feel free to contact us.
Best of luck for the future.
7 years ago
Hi Balajir Ram,

We provide online instructor led training for 4 days which is in total of 28 hours.
In addition to the video tutorial we also provide the Exam Simulator for you to practice along.
The validity for the Video and the Simulator is for one year from the date of purchase.
And our Trainer try their best to help you understand everything covered in the syllabus and later you can ask any query related to it.

For any further query, do email us at support@whizlabs.com or ritika@whizlabs.com
Do visit this link and register for Free Demo : http://www.whizlabs.com/scjp/training.html

Hope this was useful to you.


Whizlabs Team.

The validity of the Exam Simulator is for 1 year from the date of purchase. It is an online Exam Simulator.

In Exam Simulator you will get around 600-800 questions, Quiz wise and Objective Wise with exhaustive explanation based on real exam.

In SST ( Self Study Training) we provide the Video Tutorials along the Question set as in Exam Simulator.

Please email us at support@whizlabs.com for any further query or purchase details.


CRM Associate
Hi Shashank,

We at Whizlabs are launching the OCPJP 7 - Trail Version by first week of April.
Right now its just the registration going on in the website for our new product.
Once it is launched, you will be intimidated through email with which you registered with us.

Thanks for contacting us.


Ritika Prasad,
CRM, Whizlabs
Hi David,

Thanks for using our OCPJP 6 Free Trial Product and mentioning it in the forum.

For any further query please email us at support@whizlabs.com

Thanks, Regards.
Ritika Prasad

CRM, Whizlabs
Hi Kaydell,

Thanks for giving us the feedback about the exam simulator.
Please email us at support@whizlabs.com about the problem you have faced. We will forward it to the technical person.

As for the grievances you have had, we may refund the payment to you.

Please feel free to contact us.


The validity for the exam simulators are for 1 year from the date of purchase.
And if the validity expires, they can still provide you the same further with 40% discount.