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Recent posts by vamsi naki

Adam Scheller wrote:How about working remotely? Working at home would definitely minimize amounts of stress that would be good for both you and your employer. You speak English, could work for any company in any country, so you wouldn't have to relocate as well.

I am working remotely myself, for about good 4 years, and everything is great. I started as a programmer and got promoted up quite quickly. There are plenty of companies that hire remote workers, especially in IT. It's really worth to consider that option.

Hi ,
Yes i am trying to get work remotely but couldnt get any leads,i built one website as a freelancer.Still trying for remote jobs.

Thanks ,
6 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:Not from India, so may not be a valid response.

Have you tried avoiding higher stressed positions? Perhaps in the maintenance of a project? I would probably recommend avoiding startups or the finance industry.


I dont have a say what project to chose from ,and now that i am not even in the company i may not know which position they are hiring for if it is a big company

I tried before to take a less stressful position but the person who assigns the project ,the resource manager wont even listen to any requests their only goal is to get us allocated into the project.In my previous company there is only one time you can reject a project ,the next time you are fired
6 years ago
I am from Visakhapatnam ,but i have worked in Hyderabad ,Pune,Chennai ,Bhutan relocation is not an issue for me
6 years ago
I live in India ,i have a psychlogical disability its a rare condition and it increases with stress/anxiety(along with normal disorders like OCD,PTSD,Insomnia,etc).I was asked to put down my papers by HR when they found out i had psychlogical problems and was taking too long to recover.In my previous company i was removed from my project when i had given the reason for a single days leave as insomnia .Even if they dont find out normally ,in some projects in the mandatory medical tests the anti-depressants are showing up and i have to tell them the reason.

At work they say work is for 9 hours which i can do,but the truth is the work goes up easily 12-14 hours sometimes more and that is when i start breaking and cant handle it .I have lost all hope that i can survive in an IT company in India .I see that in the west they have better support system and i found out a company that hires people like me in London,but i didnt get any response from them (may be they hire only British)
I have about 4 years experience and i can code in both Java and .NET,my academic scores are also good.

Is there any company that hires psychlogically disabled people like me in IT?

6 years ago
I can code in Java(at work) and .NET(for fun,to develop websites for friends) and am developing websites for free for friends on my day off .The problem is ,i am not good at making the site design appealing or good looking ,normally most of my friends or people who ask me to build website have 0 knowledge about computer science or coding ,now they want functionality but they cannot tell stuff like having administration page,online payment,SMS verifications and stuff like that but they are very specific with making the site look very good at .I know html for the front end and java script ,thats it .Now the problem is they are asking me to do lot of alignments and organizing the images and stuff ,and i am really very bad at it .Functionality i am able to finish it of very fast .But CSS work or organising the design ,the photos is taking hours and hours and my entire holiday gets wasted on that .I dont mind learning stuff like Bootstrap(i just used Caoursel till now) ,i loved how implementing a carousel took so less time in Boot Strap.Is BootStrap an alternative instead of learning CSS.Or is there any way to organize images,content in a proper order like a WYSIWYG .To make it easier to make the design look good .I used to use Tables ,but i was told by a designer that you shouldnt use Tables and CSS is the way to organize it.Any adivce as to what i should do ?

Paul Clapham wrote:Here's another issue which I don't know if you meant to ask about: For quite a while your team will not be producing anything useful for the company you work for. So you're going to have to work with your bosses to make sure they understand that and are OK with it. It may be that they thought that they could hire a group of beginners and expect them to be productive immediately, and if so then you need to help them to understand why that isn't the case.

Thank you Paul Clapham for your advice,i will talk to my boss about it and explain him that it will take time to get anything productive done.
7 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:
I'm not clear on where you and they are. If you can't pair in person, can you pair remotely? Being in charge of a bunch of new programmers you can't communicate with synchronously isn't likely to end well.

I will be going to Onsite within a week,so i can pair program with them in person rather than remotely

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:
Wait. They don't know Java yet? I thought they were inexperienced and not lacking in basic knowledge. Freshers usually wen to university and come in knowing some programming language. If they don't even know Java, you need to talk to your boss. Expecting you to teach them and get a project done is a lot to ask!

I thought of teaching them Java and Blue J cause i think Java helps in building the fundementals and Blue J is very good in teaching Object Oriented Programming .I dont know as to what they were taught in college,only when i meet them in person i will come to know about how much they learnt .

Thak you very much for your advice Jeanne Boyarsky.
7 years ago

K. Tsang wrote:Further to what Jeanne said

1) When you do assign tasks to your team, such tasks should be the use-cases or functions for the site, not different phase of SDLC like testing. That way the person can develop it, test it, refine it... He owns that function. Yet you as the leader is responsible if anything goes awry.

2) Prepare to work on documentation (tech spec, design spec, etc)

3) Ask the team what tools they have used. Research on such tools then decide if they can be used in your project. Relearning/using something that is familiar in the past tends to be quicker than learning something brand new.

Thanks for your reply K.Tsang ,

1)The first point ,sounds good .But only issue we have ,is that the government rule is to employ more locals ,and finding local full time,experienced programmers is very hard .So my plan was after the initial training (in Java and Blue J) i will see who all arent able to code that well and then put them into testing team or design team where there will be lesser coding . I know this goes against what you said ,but the idea is to create more jobs for local people .
2) I will work on the documentation,like you said.
3)This point is very good,will do that.
Any other suggestiongs,please do tell
Thank you
7 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Vasmi,
A few pieces of advice:

1) Get to know the team members. What are their skills? What do they like to do? What problems are they struggling with.
2) Carve up the work into smaller pieces. You should be involved in the design. And how to carve up the tasks into manageable pieces. This also lets you know early when something "doesn't work" so you can help/intervene earlier.
3) If you have time, see if you can pair program with each of them. Even if it is just an hour or two a week each, you can help grow their skills.
4) Don't assign yourself any coding tasks. You'll be plenty involved pairing, mentoring, etc.

And yes, Selenium is a great tool.

1)I will do the first part,getting to know the team and the problems they are struggling with.
2) For making up the design ,is there any good article to read.I can google it but i have to do lot of work alone as of now,and any pointers will help to reduce the time .Cause when i worked for a development project we had Buisnness Analysts who got requiremnts ,and they gave another team the requirement specification document to another person and it passed on and on,by the time i got the work it was basically an excel sheet row ,that i had to implement .
3)It sounds like a very good idea,i am also thinking of giving them small tasks every week ,like first encrypting and decrypting a password saving it to Database,then telling that Hashing with Salt is better ,guide them through the process ,so that they will develop their skills.Tell them about SQL injection attacks.Is that fine?
4)As far as coding is concerned till now i did all the majority of coding but from off shore,so i dont know their skills we didnt have an introduction yet until i meet them in person,but is it ok to ask them to code dirctly,i want to train them with the basics ,give them assignments to complete .A sample project to finish then only ask them to code .

I need some suggestions on training the freshers,i am thinking of training them in Java ,then train them in Blue J,and ask them to build a sample application in Blue J so OOPS concept is understood fully. But i dont know about how to train someone in testing ,front end design ,database so i am thinking of asking my boss to buy a few accounts in TreeHouse or similar sites like it so that they can be trained using these sites and i dont have to learn them and train them in these.
7 years ago
I was selected as a programmer for a start up company ,due to some turn of events the people above me resigned and my boss cant get visa work done for anymore employees .I have 3 and half years experience in Java and i can code in C#,ASP.NET.Now i am in a situation where i have to lead,guide the existing team of freshers.They built one website and it is not working properly .I am able to single handedly build the websites and do the work as it isnt too hard ,we are just building basic websites initially. But now i will be the one to guide ,the only information i know is that there is a guy in the company who can make good desings.Now i will have to develop the team .Can anyone please guide me as to what i should do ,or any articles or books to read?Every Manager ,Team Lead that i ever had threw me in the fire first and asked me to do things by myself ,it was very hard and frustrating for me ,and i dont want to be a person who does the same thing for freshers .
For example
Since i was working alone this past month i worked without a repository.But when i start working with a team ,i will try to find a tool for repository.When i worked for a maintenance project we used BMC Remedy to have the errors and bugs reported ,SLA so may be findd a tool for that. I am thinking of keeping one fresher for testing ,but i jsut used Unit Testing till now and no other form of testing,but i read in the net and found out that Selenium is good for testing in websites.Now should i learn Selenium and teach these guys ,i have no clue .Any guidance/help .Thank you
7 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I try my hardest to avoid tools like BlueJ. I hate BlueJ.

BlueJ is good for teaching programming and Object Oriented Programming concept especially.

Tim Cooke wrote:There are a number of structured courses being delivered online for free. Sites like Coursera and edX provide extremely high quality material and have scheduled assignments that are to be submitted online, with deadlines and everything.

I checked few courses in Edx they charge a minimum amount of money to be Paid like 90 $,but CourseEra is free without certification,i will enroll in some courses and see how it is

7 years ago

Please, please do not. That "hours and hours of theory" form an important foundation for an developer so they understand the choices that are made when creating an application or infrastructure. The last thing this world needs is more paint-by-numbers cargo-cult programmers who have been coached in interview questions.
Having done some basic adult literacy education, I will tell you that preparing someone for the work force takes a LOT of work. Many times they will lack the most basic life skills that most professionals take for granted, like reading a bus schedule, much less the technical vocabulary and mathematics it takes to make a decent programmer.

Hi Henry,
I am not saying theory is not important ,but in my region the problem is the trainers at training institutes (in general ,there are some really good ones i am not talking about them) they just by heart the textbook and start training kids,it is just theory ,even after course is over ,no one would have written a simple program .No one knows about IDE.I swear to god i am not making this up i attended a training center where the guy spoke like this "In Java there are many frameworks like Struts "comma",Spring "comma",Hibernate "comma".He was mentioning the word "comma".The entire training that day it sounded like he had by hearted each and every line and was just spilling out.he was even making the students repeat the sentences along with him 2-3 times for Web Services training .He is knowledgable but this is some of the training how it goes. i was selected in an MNC ,during initial training i had 3 teammates all 3 of them even when the first month training was over couldnt even write "Hello World" program.And what i meant by replacing hours and hours of theory was like use tools like BlueJ to do programming which is not done in my region in training centers.

If anyone happens to know any other free tool like "Blue j" please share ,something which is open source.

As far as adult litercay goes i have no knowledge at all.I am thinking of targetting engineering students who couldnt get a job,so that they will have basic knowledge .
7 years ago
As far as i know they are PDF documents ,or hand written documents that have to be converted to text,entire books that dont have a soft copy.And as far as professionals are concerned ,from the ads in the newspapers they are targetting anyone who can type and has a computer .
7 years ago