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since May 18, 2011
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Recent posts by Ayesha Binte Mosaddeque

massimiliano cattaneo wrote:Hello I'm also preparing the exam.
The chapter 7 -11 of the spec are related to entity, not legacy ejb code.
The entity 2.1 and 1.1 should be move to JPA exam, not related to 1Z0-895.
I read the chapter but I don't study it for the exam.

I let you know when I'll take the exam.

I see you have successfully completed OCPJBCD 6.0. I have just completed OCJP 6.0 with 95% score. Now I want to take OCPJBCD. Can you please refer me the materials (books and/or web resources) you have used to prepare? Also, this OCPJBCD is a single test, right? and it's code is: 1Z0-895, right? Please confirm.

I am in an urgent need of a solution! I was reading the following tutorial:

what i'm looking for is the marshalling procedure to generate such xml. that is, to generate the xml tag runtime. for example, if value="5" then the tag will be numeric:


if value="hello" then xml tag will be text:


can anyone please please please tell me how can i achieve such output?



Sign me up!! I wanna appear SCJP soon! please clarify me, which jdk is tested in SCJP exams these days? jdk 6 or 7? jdk5 is almost obsolete now.. right??