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Recent posts by Dim Dioannou

@Paul Clapham
not exactly

this is a part of the code in which I need the arguments

@Luigi Plinge
yes from the same project

so I write your code? and I am ok?
am I right about the arguments?

11 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:You can put anything you like in a text field, as long as it's text. You can pass it as an argument to another method. If, however, you wish to find a path, you might do better to try a file chooser.

how can I do this?
because eclipse take the arguments in the way I wrote before
11 years ago
I use netbeans to run a code and in this code I have to put arguments
I did it in this way Run-->Debug Configurations-->Java Application and select arguments and there I put the path of the files which I used for arguments.

Now I want to build an application and to give arguments not in this way but by writing code (write the path in a JTextField and then use it as an argument).

Is it possible?
11 years ago
i use eclipse
and i want to have the output of my project, not to console but in a text file.

this i want is "inputLine" to be in a file
11 years ago
@kumarjit banerjee thank you
this is what i need

but can you explain the code in line 38, please?
11 years ago
I want to find a word in a text file and then to take a part of it and to
save it in a String.
for example I have this part of text

and when I find the word ''xmlns:'' I want to take the word after : till =
(rdf in this case) and to put it in a string.

Any idea how to do it?
11 years ago