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Recent posts by Cathal Mullan

@Theo van Kraay,

I couldn't care less about Java exams now. What's the point if I'm not going to do the Java Architect exam due to the unnecessarily expensive mandatory course.

Java 8 is good though, Python is ok for small projects only I found.
Hi Guys,

how long did you spend preparing for this exam?

Just want a ball park figure what time frame I'd need,


Guillaume Drouet wrote:I need to take the mandatory course if I want it !

I think it's unfair to be able to pass an exam but not be certified because it's too expensive to attend a course

Daniel Black wrote:I would really appreciate hearing from others who have been in a similar position.

I got my developer cert before the introduction of the mandatory course.

I was going to take all the rest of the developer certs then do my Architect cert but not now.

Its way too expensive to get the Architect cert. If I can't achieve the top cert there's no point in continuing.

The introduction of the mandatory courses have ruined the certification program in my opinion.
Why don't you just look at the spec for the parts you need to practice & do some practice?

The exams & course are very expensive.

Don't think the developer cert will improve your CV much as you already have your architect cert
If you have your Architect certification, why bother? Save the money instead
Hi Kartik,

yeah the introduction of the mandatory course & the manner which Oracle did it made me doubt the future of Java.

I'm seeing an increasing number of jobs using C++, PHP & Python so I believe these languages will be the future,

Hey Kartik ,

I am a certified master developer. I wanted to take all the developer exams & then do my architect exams. I'm not going to bother doing any of them now because I'm not going to pay for a mandatory course. I was going to do my MySQL certifications as well but decided against that also. Not involved with Java now, moved to C++, planning to move into Python & PHP too,

Prepare to spend lots of money on a mandatory course
Hi simbarashe,

a mandatory course has been added to the master developer exam so if you want to become certified it's added on a lot of money to this certification.

Seeing since you're out of work with no income this might be out of your budget?

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:I assume you are already having an older version of OCPJP/SCJP certificate

Hey Anayonkar,

I already have my OCMJD 6, I got in just before the mandatory course.

I wanted to go on & be a certified Architect but I'm not going to now & I'll not be taking any of the other Developer exams either

Roel De Nijs wrote:I don't think this extra exam will have the same effect as the mandatory course requirement for OCMJD cert.

True. The cost for the Architect Cert went from £750 to £2750 way too much.

Why would I need a mandatory course when I can get all the info I need from the internet & books.

I foresee changes to Java licensing in the future. I think Oracle will try & align their licensing strategy for Java like they do with their databases & target big businesses.

Roel De Nijs wrote:not a boost for its popularity

I wonder how badly this affected the number of people taking Java certs?

I'm not taking anymore as a result.

I see the Certified Programmer 7 is 2 exams now as well
Anyone who I have heard of taking the course, their company paid for it. I am not so lucky, working for myself.

Congrats again Lin