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Could you give us few tips on the preparation, like what books, materials, specifications etc?

Please check the FAQ.

SCWCD Exam contains 70 questions out of which only 69 are counted.
You have to get 61 or 62% to pass.

It would definitely help having hands on experience. There are few people who got certified with good scores without much experience also.

HFSJ is OReilly Publication.

Good luck preparing.
It totally depends on your comfort level with Specs, Servlets, JSPs working knowledge etc.

It typically takes 3 weeks of aggressive disciplined study to get high scores.

Spend lot of time in this forum. Help others, get helped as well.
I bought this book last year. Older version of the certification not the 1.4 version. So i kept it aside after first read.
HFSJ is the best among all.

Happy preparation!

I found out the correct link for you:

This has complete XSD for Web app, Tag Libraries etc.

Hope this helps.
Servlets 2.4 Specification has full schema for the web.xml

JSP 2.0 Specification has full schema for TLD file also.

Interesting link that has DTDs for various J2SE and J2EE stuff:
[ December 14, 2005: Message edited by: Sai Patnala ]
This has to be 4. HttpServletRequest.
Do not worry much about the score.
How much you have learnt from the HFSJ book and forums.

Many many Congratulations. No score can beat it.

18 years ago
If the bean has to be instantiated (doesnt exist in page scope) then id and class must be present.
With type alone, you cannot instantiate a bean. It will find it if exists in the scope.

You are right about page being default scope.
nothing that is not specified in the exam objectives will appear in exam.
like what you are asking, nothing on http status codes, jsp:invoke or anything of that sort.

You can be assured, HFSJ covered topics very well. DynamicAttributes is not covered very well but separate tutorial is available written by same authors. That will give you enough ground!

Hope this helps
18 years ago
You would definitely need HFSJ.
Specifications are very important if you aim for high scores.
HFSJ is enough for passing the exam.

you can get specifications from

check other links, faq etc for more details.

good luck with your prepation.
HFSJ = Head First Servlets & JSP
Best book around for passing SCWCD.
I just took the exam - scored 92%.
Exam is not very difficult but questions are reasonably good. One needs fair amount of preparation and good background.
Specifications are very important.
I missed 5 questions in total. Lot of questions on tag libraries.
I missed the question about internal mapping that container does. One question on security is tricky. J2EE Pattern questions were simple.

My Preparation:
HFSJ - read thrice.
Specifications - once
JSTL Specification first few chapters - to brush up
These postings on
Did some mock exams on j2eecertificate and javaranch.
Registered on jdiscuss but could never login so couldnt do mocks there.
Finally a day before exam, i took HFSJ mock exam - got 72%. So i guess +20% rule holds good.

Thanks a lot to all ranchers for discussion questions.
Authors - Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, Bryan Basham, : Thanks for such a wonderful book. I learnt a lot.

18 years ago