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Recent posts by Aashu Mahajan

I have below .vbs script having content :

Dim objShell
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )
objShell.Run("""C:\Documents and Settings\ashish_mahajan\Desktop\PUTTY.exe"" ""EEUKRP0170.eead.eeint.co.uk""")
Set objShell = Nothing

Could anyone please let me know how can I execute above script in my HTML page when I click on a link? Any kind of suggestion is appreciated.
Please guys tell me how to open a .chm file on window7?

10 years ago
I Have tried very hard to know how to use css with struts tags but i could not any solution, please tell the way, syntax to use css in struts. see

I have .css file(pmb.css)

and I have a .jsp file (Company.jsp)

Here in .jsp i want to use css for textfield and label. Please tell me where i am wrong?

12 years ago
ok and can i uplaod, save and retrive image from the server?
12 years ago
Is there no any alternative way to get the path??
Actually i want to get the path of an image file that is uploaded and want to copy that uploaded image file to a specific folder. so how should i do that when i can't get the full path of an uploaded file?
12 years ago

i want to know how to get the path of an uploaded file.
I am uploading the file in a JSP Page (using HTML tags and i am not using multipart...) and the request.getParameter() for that file is in another JSP page. How do i get the path of the file uploaded. Please help me

-Ashish Mahajan
12 years ago
What is data Independencies?? and what is logical data independencies and Physical data independencies?? could anyone explain with an example please.
12 years ago
Can java language be called as Cross Platform Language??
12 years ago

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:

Aashu Mahajan wrote:Is it possible to run C and C++ code in JVM ?

Am just curious- Any specific requirements for this? or just a query?

It is just query and i am curious to know the ans. and i don't know about JNI.
12 years ago

Ankit Garg wrote:The JVM converts the instructions in the byte code (generated by the compiler) into machine level instructions (sort of) so it needs to know the OS.

suppose If a java application developed on any platform and compiled it, the JVM makes the byte code from the compiled program and for that it communicates with the OS on which the code compliled and when that byte code is ported to different platform or different OS so their JVM (on which the byteCode is ported) again communicated with the byteCode to run it, is it???
Please remove my confusion.
Is it possible to run C and C++ code in JVM ?
12 years ago
Hello Guys,
I could not understand Why is the compiler platform independent while JVM is platform dependent?
Please could anybody explain it??
Why there are no global variables in Java?
Would anybody help please??
12 years ago