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Hi All,

I have just started using CodeIgniter for my PHP application. I need some help regarding database creation. Instead of creating database manually is it possible that when CI application in installed on any server then after starting the apache server, my application should execute some db script file to create DB structure if the DB is empty otherwise skip the DB creation. So every time when the apache server is started or restarted, my CI application should execute this script and check whether the database structure is up to date or not and create it if does not exist or not up to date.

This way I want to make sure that after first install or everytime the application runs the DB is created and ready to use.

Hope I have explained my requirement clearly. Please let me know if any kind of configuration will help me here.
9 years ago
Yes!!! Correct.

The list of deliverables are also mentioned in the assignment document that you download from Pearson Vue site. Read the assignment document very carefully. You need to submit your assignment as per the instructions given in the document.

You can check the latest cost on Pearson Vue. But for me for each part the cost was USD 125 that means approximately between Rs 5500 to Rs 7000. I do not know the exact cost for the mandatory training so cannot comment on that. So excluding the mandatory training part the cost for all 3 exams could be around Rs 18000.
I hope you are aware about the mandatory training requirement from Oct 01,2011. If you have submitted your essay after this date then that could be one of the reasons why you are not getting positive reply from Oracle. Check in the certview about pending steps if any. Also check OCMJEA Path. If you have not completed any of the step then you might not get the expected reply from Oracle. Hope this helps.
I will go with option D

Do not just look at it from small architecture point of view. Think what will happen if the user base for a two-tier architecture is larger one. Distributing the latest version on every user machine is a pain area. Whereas in Web application is it just few places where you need to upgrade to the latest version and it will be available to "n" number of users.

I agree with Jeanne. In component diagram just show the main components in each tier. Refer "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java™ EE Study Guide" by Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil page 173. I followed exactly the same in my assignment.
No. You don't need to submit the source code.
Hello Sunderam,

You can use any UML 2 compliant tool. I used Visual Paradigm community edition. It is similar to Magic draw. It is FREE modeling software available for you. It is adopted by many open source projects and community groups. It has intuitive user interface. You can give it a try.

I hope you are aware that from Oct 1st 2011 Oracle has introduced the mandatory training course. I hope you have seen this link
Here it is mentioned that after essay you need to submit the form where you need to mention the course details. Go here and see the section "who should submit the form"

hope this helps.
I second Sadanand here. I also followed the Cade's way and used <<uses>> for showing the dependency between components.

I can understand how you must be feeling now....because I also waited for 10 weeks and got the positive result.

12 years ago
Hi Amandeep,

Well I have used Whizlabs SCEA exam simulator. I used it to get a feel of real exam, the time I spent on each question, how to review questions once you answer all the questions, etc. After all it is a simulator so it may not have the depth and difficulty level of real exam. I used it for improving my reading practice of questions because sometimes in real exam due to time pressure we do not read questions carefully and we end up in giving wrong answer but with this simulator I could find out my mistakes and I avoided them in real exam.

After all it depends on you how you look at it. Some people may not different opinion about it. Do not 100% rely on it. As I said it is a simulator and not real exam. You need to study through books and other reading material to clear your basics.