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Recent posts by John Jai

Does chicken stock mean chicken sauce?
11 years ago

bhaskar hazarika wrote:"there is a need to pass the current class instance as an argument to a method of another object".

You can achieve this by using this. By another object, do you mean by the object of the same class?
11 years ago
Good luck on your new job, Chris. Hope you do well!
11 years ago
Recently saw this....
11 years ago
Welcome to Javaranch, Monica

You need to print the Exception in the catch block if you need to see it. Also check Rob Spoor's earlier message on some changes to that code.
11 years ago
The regex expression provided - "\\d{3}" denotes the split has to happen for every 3 numbers. Note that trailing empty strings are not returned as part of the split tokens hence you get only one String in the array. Change the input as aaa111222333a and you will see the empty strings returned.
Hello, and welcome to Javaranch

Please see our SCJP-FAQ to get started.
Thanks for sharing the resolution and welcome to the Ranch
11 years ago
Sorry, but that cat was hunted by two cute dogs. I am not sure if the bear too joined the party ;)

11 years ago
Thanks for the tips and congrats Hope you help others in the forum with your knowledge
Wow, congrats Jeanne
11 years ago
Welcome to Javaranch

The import statement in the class A seems wrong - import pk2.B;. The B class is in pk1 not pk2.

What did you try to compile it from command prompt? Did it give any error?