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Bear Bibeault

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Recent posts by Bear Bibeault

Changing the expected behavior of keys, like making backspace do something different than it usually does, is rarely delightful for users.
Submit the form to a servlet (our whatever server-side mechanism you are using) which can use the mail API to send the text as an email message. In Java, that would be the Java Mail API.
Thank you! I love to hear stories like this. 🐻
1 week ago
Most of my Java projects have had thousands of classes. It needs more than two levels to keep that organized.
1 week ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

In future posts please be sure to UseCodeTags when posting code. I have added them to the above post for you.

Nowhere in your code do you show us where an element with the id loading is created.
I'll also throw up a seriously red flag that you are sending a resultset to a JSP.
1 month ago
Why are you using scriptlets versus the JSTL/EL?
1 month ago
What problem are you actually trying to solve?
1 month ago
If you want them on top of each other, you don't need CSS at all. Just use divs -- that's their default behavior.

And be consistent: div not DIV.
A base64 image is a protocol that allows the image data ( encoded as a base64 string) to be directly placed within the html as the image source rather than as a separate file.

I do not know if there is a way to use such an image as a background image.

If not, I’d use css to absolutely position the image behind anything that should overlay it.
By the way, useBean is pretty archaic. Why are you not using the JSTL and EL?
1 month ago
If I recall correctly, useBean with class will attempt to create the bean if it already doesn't exist. This precludes the possibility of polymorphism. What I believe you want is type which just acts likes a cast. So why do you think it is not working?
1 month ago