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Recent posts by Bear Bibeault

Tim Holloway wrote:I don't like the idea of using a constructor to get a database connection. It makes it appear as though you're not using connection pooling.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
1 week ago
Correct. Setting a value into the application context will not affect any session.
1 week ago
Answer your own question: which line sets the data into a context? Is that context the session?
1 week ago

Steve Dyke wrote:However, I cannot understand how to do the refresh when the remote data changes.

You cannot know when something external changes the data. You do know when your application takes an action that changes the data. If it is likely that the data changes externally, you should invalidate the cache at intervals that make sense with the frequency that the data changes and how important it is to your application that the data be up to date.
1 week ago

SunilK Chauhan wrote:Node JS is offering javascript coding, so it's quit faster than Java while execution. Node js is better in performance while it comes to handle rest apis comaprig with Java.

Please cite your sources for this claim.

But there are some limitations with Node JS as well as it is built for small and less complex applications only.

Similar, please.
React relies pretty heavily on advanced JavaScript knowledge; especially ES6. You can write React in ES5, but it's pretty wordy and cumbersome.

I'd recommend:
  • Bone up on JavaScript, ES6 in particular
  • Work through the React tutorial
  • Use create-react-app as a starter for your project -- it will set up all the way-too-complicated tooling needed to survive the modern JavaScript ecosystem
  • Don't let JSX intimidate you; it's actually a godsend
  • Practice, practice, practice...
  • Hello Robert,

    Sounds like you are starting pretty much from scratch. So before getting into the details of the start rating system, you need to get some basics under your belt first.

    You mentioned Ajax -- so I assume that you are using Ajax to get the rating value for a server? Start there.

    If you are not using any other framework (Recat, Due, Angular, or son on), I'm not sure I understand the aversion to jQuery -- it'll make everything at least a single of order of magnitude easier.

    So, write up some code to get your rating value via Ajax. From there we can help with whatever further action is need to get it to display in the manner you wish.
    Is this not something you can simply use pattern for?
    That's called an "Info Window" and you can look it up as such in the Google Maps API documentation.
    You haven't given us much to go on regarding selection criteria. There are many choices, much more than you've listed, for creating web applications. What's important to you?
    1 month ago
    The resource warning you refer to is just that, a warning.

    It's the syntax errors that you should be paying attention to.
    1 month ago
    Who says this? Perhaps those are the people should ask about why they think so.
    1 month ago
    If you are that worried about synchronization, use the database.

    Q: if the app is undergoing maintenance doesn't that mean it will be down and all this becomes moot? What I've usually seen done is to change the network routing to a temporary static page that announces the app is down for maintenance, and then restore the routing after the app is back up.
    1 month ago
    Changing the expected behavior of keys, like making backspace do something different than it usually does, is rarely delightful for users.