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Thank you for your reply. Both initialization and not-initialization does same way as you said.

To correct myself the relation is like House has-a window.
7 years ago
I want to know more about what would be impact on Dog class as we created object in Animal class--when we need initialization, when not. I mean, when we would create object either ways.

7 years ago
I create a class, Dog and Animal class has HAS-A relation on them.
I declared instance variable referring to Dog class in Animal class of two ways - one by new instance, and second one by just referring
Can anyone explain whats similarities and differences in those declaration and what impact on relationship

7 years ago
Which is best exam guide to prepare Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) - Java EE 6 Web Component Developer?
I completed OCPJP exam and passed sucessfully. There were no Drag and Drop questions .

Thanks for your support.

I plan to take OCPJP exam next week. Are there any Drag and Drop questions in OCPJP (1z0-851)?
What does mean by Polymorphism?
How do I achieve Polymorphism in Java?
why Polymorphism is essential to object-oriented programming?
9 years ago
String s1 = "abc";
String s2 = "def";

s1 = s1+ s2;

10 years ago