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Recent posts by Gaurav Pravin Dighe

I need to find how many visitors visited by website and display it on my website as "Total Number Of Visitor: ####". I am not looking for database approach.

I am thinking of using Listener Classes and Interfaces, but i don't have any idea.

Please help.

11 years ago
Hello Lucas,

Thanks for the reply.

I have downloaded the book you just mentioned. i also want to ask, which server should i prefer for learning the EJB and other Java EE concepts, that will help me crack interview of Java EE.
I also want to know, Spring Framework and Web Services is also in demand. Could you please guide me which technology i should learn and concentrate(along with books) for cracking interviews. I have knowledge on below Java Technologies:
1. Core Java
2. Servlet, JSP
3. Hibernate (basics)
4. Struts2
5. Working on Netbeans IDE

Sir your advice matters to me alot.

I want to learn EJB 3.1. Please suggest me some good tutorial/video tutorial for learning EJB 3.1. I have downloaded official javaee6-tutorial from webpage.

But the tutorial seems to be for some one who has some idea about EJB.

Please advice me.

I want to learn Web Services in Java. I really don't have any knowledge on Web Services. I only know is that it should be incorporated with Application Server.

Please guide me for learning Web Services.

11 years ago

Thank you very much. Could you please provide me resolution for your comment
"3. This is a typical issue with the m2e plugin - perform the recommended fix and the problem goes away. (In my dev environment we have a parent POM that contains the fix so that we don't have to put it into every POM) "

I tried to do quick fix in eclipse. But it is not getting fixed. Please help me out with this.

11 years ago
I am new to Maven Development. I have installed JDK7, Maven 3.0.5, Eclipse and M2E plugin for eclipse.

I want to create the JavaEE6 Web Project in eclipse. Therefore I created project using webapp-javaee6 archetype. Its giving me below issues:
1. web.xml is not created.
2. test and Resources folders are not created.
3. Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-dependency-plugin:2.1:copy (execution: default, phase: validate). Maven Project Build Lifecycle Mapping Problem. I am getting this error on line 53 of pom.xml
4. How to make this project work with glassfish3 / weblogic 12c.

11 years ago
Hello All,

I need to develop a java web application(Human Resource Module) using Struts Framework, JSP, Servlets, AJAX and MySQL.

I have also came to know that there are many designing tools with AJAX support are available to simplify the high end web designing that can be integrated with JSP, Struts and Servlets.

Can any one guide me which tools can be used?

Gaurav Dighe
11 years ago
Hello All,

I am using Oracle 11g and Hibernate 3.6.10 in Java Application. I am at starting level of Hibernate.
I have a table name USERDETAILS

userID-----------PK---Oracle 11g Sequence created

Could you please uide me which generatot to be used

Below is the hibernate.cfg.xml

Could anyone let me know which generator class to be used?

I am web developer who uses Java EE technologies to develop web applications and i am a student. I just want to know whether Java FX can be used with Struts for web designing.

If can be used, then i can learn this technology.

12 years ago

I am learning validation. But the validation is checked but the business code is never executed, which will check the data against the database.

Please help me out
I am trying to develop a login module using Struts, Validation Framework and Database.

sid and password are validated using validator framework-----if validation fails then same page with error msgs will be displayed---------if validated, then execution of business logic should begin, which will check whether its matching with the table or not......if matching then display success.jsp or else display failure.jsp page

Database contains the Student Table:
gd gaurav aaa111
dd deepti ajsj223



failure.jsp establishing connection and then checking the data



12 years ago
want to find how many times "a" appeared in String aahhsjhglahfagha".
I have found a StringUtils class in org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils. I want to use it.

Below are the description of StringUtils:

public class StringUtils
extends Object

Operations on String that are null safe.

IsEmpty/IsBlank - checks if a String contains text
Trim/Strip - removes leading and trailing whitespace
Equals - compares two strings null-safe
startsWith - check if a String starts with a prefix null-safe
endsWith - check if a String ends with a suffix null-safe
IndexOf/LastIndexOf/Contains - null-safe index-of checks
IndexOfAny/LastIndexOfAny/IndexOfAnyBut/LastIndexOfAnyBut - index-of any of a set of Strings
ContainsOnly/ContainsNone/ContainsAny - does String contains only/none/any of these characters
Substring/Left/Right/Mid - null-safe substring extractions
SubstringBefore/SubstringAfter/SubstringBetween - substring extraction relative to other strings
Split/Join - splits a String into an array of substrings and vice versa
Remove/Delete - removes part of a String
Replace/Overlay - Searches a String and replaces one String with another
Chomp/Chop - removes the last part of a String
LeftPad/RightPad/Center/Repeat - pads a String
UpperCase/LowerCase/SwapCase/Capitalize/Uncapitalize - changes the case of a String
CountMatches - counts the number of occurrences of one String in another
IsAlpha/IsNumeric/IsWhitespace/IsAsciiPrintable - checks the characters in a String
DefaultString - protects against a null input String
Reverse/ReverseDelimited - reverses a String
Abbreviate - abbreviates a string using ellipsis
Difference - compares Strings and reports on their differences
LevensteinDistance - the number of changes needed to change one String into another

The StringUtils class defines certain words related to String handling.

null - null
empty - a zero-length string ("")
space - the space character (' ', char 32)
whitespace - the characters defined by Character.isWhitespace(char)
trim - the characters <= 32 as in String.trim()

StringUtils handles null input Strings quietly. That is to say that a null input will return null. Where a boolean or int is being returned details vary by method.

A side effect of the null handling is that a NullPointerException should be considered a bug in StringUtils (except for deprecated methods).

Methods in this class give sample code to explain their operation. The symbol * is used to indicate any input including null.

If i go in normal way i would have to write the program like this

With StringUtils class countMatches() method the above task can be accomplished.

public static int countMatches(String str,
String sub)

Counts how many times the sub string appears in the larger String.

when i tried to use it i am not able to compile my program. Below is the code.

Please suggest what can be done?

I do have a some doubts regarding Spring Certification....

1. Is it mandatory to attend traiing or
2. If i learn spring from online tutorials, will this not be sufficient to appear the exam.

Please do the cost of learning is too high around 50,000 INR.

12 years ago
Hi Gabriel Vince ,

Can you fwd me the working example.....or a link where i can learn from...

12 years ago
Tim Hooloway,

Thank you very much...i have heard about JDBC Realm but i am not finding any tutorial or example for it. I have J2EE Tutorial as well as Complete Reference to JSF2. but i couldn't get any.

I will be very thankful if you let me know the link for JDBC Realm tutorial.

Second concern i have is, as you said Secuirty only deals with authentication , authorization how to deal with session mangement after doing the same....

Please explain me the same...

It would be realy very very helpful.
12 years ago
Tim Holloway,

Can you tell me how to get going with ContainerSecurity in JSF2 + GlassfishServer + Derby Database(bundled with Netbeans)....and also let e know how to maintain session and use it in shopping cart example after authenticating user against ContainerSecurity.

12 years ago