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Recent posts by Richard Wilson

Hi,I still dont know why that problem occurs and how to solve it in JBoss?
Anyone know?
Thank you very much!
19 years ago
Hi,can anyone tell me how to get datasource from Jboss.
i have set all the necessary Driver and data source name in mssql-ds.xml file.But when i want to get Connection from my application:
ctx=new InitialContext();
Object ds=ctx.lookup("java:/DataSource");
It complains Name Not Bound Exception.But when i configure the same data source in jboss-cmp.xml file and run ejb,it runs correctly.
Can any one tell me why?I am in urgent.
19 years ago
i met a error as follows:
select Object(c) from BookTable AS c ORDER BY c.totalsalenum
nested throwable:<org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.ejbql.ParseException:Encountered "ORDER"
Can any fork tell me why?
thanx in advance.
my weblogic version is 6.1.
When first time i install a web application,it runs smoothly.
But when i start up the server again and run my application,
it complains that Error 404--Not Found.
The console has no output exception,and i was totally confused.
Anyone know what's the problem lies with?
19 years ago
Hi,can you tell me what's an EJB's private Context?
Under what circumtances can a session bean loop up for entity beans through its private context?
I just want to figure out when should i use a bean's private context and when to use real jndi name?
thanx in advance!
Why there are two ways of finding objects using JNDI?
Anyone could tell me the difference between these?
javax.naming.Context context=new javax.naming.InitialContext();
Object obhect=context.loopup("java:comp/env/ejb/OrderItem");
String url="t3://localhost:7001";
Properties h = new Properties();
h.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, url);
Context ctx=new InitialContext(h);
Object ds = ctx.lookup("SQLServer");
Thanx in advance!
Can you tell me how session beans call entity beans to make transactions?
I use WebLogic 6.1 plus JBuilder7.0.
Thanx in advance!
hi,could you tell me how to use this meta tag?
19 years ago
No One can help me?
19 years ago
i just think that the showDocument()method doesnot has the function of properly reload a page. It just take the page it previously visited.
19 years ago
Hi,everyone,I am developing a web site for my school.
I use applet tree menu as a link to a certain jsp page.But getAppletContext.showDocument(URL,Frame)
didn't seems to effectively reload a certain page if that page's state has changed.
For example, as for my site, if a admin has properly configured all the system infomation and confirm, the timer will be set to next period and if the admin want to re-enter the configure page,he will get a negative response.
But when i clicked my applet's tree menu link,it just returned my previous configure page.The browser seems not to retrieve the page again but use the cache.
Any one can help me?It is very very urgent!
19 years ago
Hi,I am using Java to do Bresenham line drawing homework.Users can drag lines on an canvas and a series of circles will show as a result of the algorithm.
However,when I resize the canvas or make it reexposed, the previous generated lines will disappear. I know it is due to the calling of paint method in canvas.But anyone can tell me how can I restore previously user-drawing lines when the canvas is reexposed or resized?
Thank u.
20 years ago
Hi, I am currently doing a simple project on Java
and met with a little bit trouble.
First, my frame and dialog always appears at the top left corner of the screen. How can I make them appear in the center of the screen?
Second, I like to add a JApplet on a JPanel inside a JFrame. How can I make that? How to set the syntax of the JApplet.
Thanx for your prompt help.
20 years ago
Hi,I am currently doing a project on java.
I have some questions about java and JApplet.
Can I add a JApplet to a JPanel and how to set the parameters of this applet.How can I initialize the applet on the panel?
Thanx alot.
20 years ago
I am a university student (CS&engineering major)wanting for some small projects or cooperation in java development.
welcome to write
20 years ago