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since Aug 24, 2000
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Recent posts by rahul pathak

Conmgrats and BEST OF LUCK

22 years ago
the best way to think about is to resolve all the parameters so as assignment takes place last it is resolved to 0 .
though i++ is supposed to happen after everything(it does )it is resolved earlier
there no jswk directory in tomcat
i am using jakarta-tomcat on win 98 i have set classpath for servlet.jar as follows (Itworks )<br>
]SET CLASSPATH=%Classpath%;C:\jakar~1\lib\servlet.jar;
22 years ago
congrats aarthi ,
It is really heartning & reliving to see people clearing the exam ( and with it its doubts)
same question here.
Is it necccesarry for ejb to have win nt I too have win98 and would like to avoid loading win nt
hi deepak,
Congrats on ur great score. Please mail me your notes ( that really kind of u ) my eid : rahulpathak@icenet.net
thanks in advance

who told u about all this ?
Whts all this going on please can anybody clear it.
It seems that everybody is talking that swings & servlets (!!!) are now a part.
Objectives as listed on site have not changed (!).
too much confusion
hi anil ,
Please mail me the same rahulpathak@icenet.net
Thanks in advance
there should not be problem as b being a instance variable is initallized to false
22 years ago