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These are the topics asked when I took the test,

1) RMI Functionality
2) Web component development using JSP/Servlets
3) JVM Memory Management
4) Managing Transactions using JDBC
5) Retrieving Data using JDBC.
6) Network Programing
7) SQL Statements
8) Understanding Threads.
9) Overload, override and OOD.
10) JMS
11) Using XML In Enterprise Apps
12) Understanding Language Fundamentals
13) Using Stored Procedures.

If you can narrow down the results then always do that, the mark is depends on the strength of the right answers selected and the strength of reasonable answers.
All the very best.


I have cleared SCEA and got an email from Oracle for the same. Waiting for the certificates logo etc.
When I submitted the Assignment for the first time, I have got a results report and the total marks were added up to 145, but I failed in deployment diagram and had to resubmit the diagram.
Now When I login to the, I can see that I passed with a total score of 128.
Weird isn't it?
I have send an email to Oracle on this. It can never be less right?

I can still see the failed and passed reports on the pearsonvue site and the failed report shows marks 145 and passed one shows 128.

Anyone had the same experience?

Your Score: 145 Passing Score: 114 Result: Fail
Your Score: 128 Passing Score: 114 Result: Pass


Congratulations Kamen, Welcome to the SCEA club .


Please see my comments inline

1. In the Class diagram; I use a generic class to represent a group of classes of the domain model. I think this approach is ok, because the system will grow up, and I don't want to add new classes and make a new deployment when a new "Type" of "Something" is added.
Am I right? or is the intention of this Class diagram to represent exactly the same entities as in the "Domain Model" provided, but with attributes and navigation specified?
You can verywell put the Generic Class or interface in the Class diagram to trepresent the group. I did the same but I made it sure that all public methods are declared in the diagram properly. Also i put the attributes that are very necessary. For example if you have a variable expecting an injected object, then declare it and mention that <<Injected Value>> some thing like that. If your class diagram is readable with proper notations then you get full marks.

2. If I made a class diagram framework agnostic, as suggested in Cade & Sheil book, the sequence and component diagram should be also framework agnostic? would be better to specify the frameworks I will use in these diagrams?
Yes I have not followed any frame work, I just mentioned in notes some of the favourable frame works that supports my application and why. Frame work is not necessary (depends on your app and requirement).

3. In the deployment diagram I just made 14 point as you did at first. I guess that almost the same diagram with a deeper explanation on why I made that desicions would be enough. Do you think it is necessary to make a big change to the Cade's approach?
Yes, you need to make a big changes in cadde's approach. Please look at this topic above for the discussions and suggestions by our friends. If you spend One day and try some DDs generally you can make a very good DD.

4.This is a question about the presentation of the work. I want to know if UML notes are enough to make all the comments. Did you need to add some paragraphs in html to achieve this?

UML notes are enough. Because the diagram should be self explanative. If you have something to write in a paragaraph about your diagram, that implies that your diagram is incomplete.

Hi Kamen,

Thanks and Please find the reply inline,

1. Is it necessary to include alternate scenarios and things like exception handling in the sequence diagrams?
--> I think by alternate scenarios you mean to go to a different code of execution based on some conditions, it is better to include those details. I didn't include Exception details
But if you think you have a new use case to meet the correct requirement, then add a new sequence diagram for that.

2. When they say "augment your diagram with text" they mean some text as notes in UML (I guess this is not enough to show the detail required), or some paragraphs in html text, or a description of each class, component or element in the diagram?
--> No need to put comment for each class. But you need to put a comment if that really make a point there. For example if your Class diagram has a class, then put a note saying what type of authentication used there. I hope you got what I meant.

3. In the component diagram, did you include all the JPA entities?
Not all the entities, but most of them. For example User was an entity with Doctor and Specialist as sub classes. I included User only in component diagrams.
4. Did you show somewhere the "Transfer Objects" or is enough to show the Entities related to the business and DAO components?
No I didn't, if you use the Business Objects or Session Facades then include that. Just mention as a separate note that you excluded transfer objects and other helper classes for brevity.

Let me know if this make sens to you ...

Hi kamen,

Honestly I don't know what to do if you failed in essay .
I guess there are some other friends also asked the same question in other topics here. Please do a search.

For the diagrams,

Cades book is a good reference. But what I did was, I googled for each diagrams and read small articles from IBM web site and Wiki also was a good source.

Once I gone through these sites I got ideas on how to go with the diagrams. So basically Cades book helped me to understand what is expected in the exam.

I also didn't put helper classes and other java beans in the class diagram. I just mentioned in notes that I am not including those in class diagram to control size.

So My class diagram contains,

1) Main JSPs
2) The controller class. (Servlet)
3) BOs
4) SFacades
5) Entities.

Similarly I tried to include the required information only in all the other diagrams. For example I didn't put login sequences in the sequence diagram. I just put seq diagrams for all use cases and mentioned in notes that login sequence is not included to control size.

Basically whatever you follow, you need to make sure that your diagrams express your ideas and patterns. Thats all.

Let me know if you need anything more...

Also use a good tool to draw the diagrams. I used 'astah' tool and is excellent one.



Even I want to do the same. I know for sure the course is mandatory or you must have some proof that you were working on a Spring project.
The cost of training is too much for me

Hi Shankar ,

These are straight forward things can be found in net and from oracle site.
Please spend some time browsing

Final word: You can take SCEA exam at anytime.


What that means is, there is no minimum barrier for the interaction diagrams and Risk sections.
But you can score Maximum there


Hi Viggo,
To pass each part you need to meet the minimum marks,

Comp D: 26/40
Clas D: 26/40
DD: 17/24
Intera: 0/16
Risk : 0/16
Questions (Essay): 17/24

I can see you passed the below ones,

Questions (Essay)
Component Diagram
Interaction Diagram

I think for risks it should be fine, because you need a total of 114 only to pass the exam.

So you only need to focus on the class diagram and deployment diagram here.

I would suggest you to drop an email to Oracle Support and confirm the same. ( I am pretty sure )

Let me know if you need more help.


Hi Viggo,

I purchased the 1Z0_867 from and resubmitted the diagram again through the same site.

You don't need to resubmit a new Assignment. From your results you will come to know which areas has failed to meet the required mark.
Just focus on that part and resubmit the same modified diagrams for the same assignment.

Let me know if you have any more queries and All the very best.

Thank you Ganesh, those links really helped me.

Have a great day!
Unfortunately it is Mandatory !