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Recent posts by maroun Adolf

Hi all,

I am using Eclipse, and I have been trying to write a wsdl file containing 1 functional aspect (news) and attached to 3 non-functional properties (availability, integrity, privacy). Now, these attachments are modeled using WS-Policy platform, and for easing issues, i have been trying to write all three non-functional properties in the same WS-Policy xml file, thus, attaching my wsdl file to only one WS-Policy file.
To be able to understand these properties, they are linked in the WS-Policy file to an ontology.

I have been trying to do this since last week but it seems that I am on the wrong track because neither the wsdl file is correct, nor the WS-Policy file is.
I appreciate any help offered, and if someone knows a good easy tutorial to start with in order to do this task please link me to it.

12 years ago
Hi all,

I finished a project using SWT designer under Eclipse; I wish to export it to a .xml file.
I found a few software to perform the exportation, but I want to ask what is the fastest and easiest one to use.

If someone can advise me of a plugin or a certain software to use, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,
13 years ago

Thank you , I modified the code a little bit and it works,

Thank you for the great help

13 years ago
Hi Arun,

thank you for the help.
I tried to create a dynamic JTable, but I got frustrated trying;

So I switched to an alternative:
each time a user wants to add data, he double click on "myitem", a new shell appears with a txtelement, a checkbox, and an OK button; the user enters his name, checks the box if he wants, than clicks OK.

It works but I have to print the name and true or false value each time I press OK; which is not my objective

Can you please help me find the way to implement a dynamic JTable; I tried looking in tutorials but each time I try a code my program crashs:(

Thank you for your help,

13 years ago
You replied while I was editing; thank you for the reply anyway; and regarding the tags I will use them from now on
thank you
13 years ago
Hi burk I corrected my first error:) still can't figure out the the code for the second one
13 years ago
Hi all,
I am using SWT designer.

I wanted to make an item , that allow me to add elements to it.
And each time I wanted to add an element I wanted that a dialog appears asking me to enter the element; of course after clicking on it.
myItem = new CCombo(shlBusinessProcess, SWT.BORDER);
myItem.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {
public void mouseDoubleClick(MouseEvent e) {
String name = JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Enter the element's name" );
});//this code works

In addition; I want that each time I click on a certain element of myItem, a check box appears, a button (named "OK") appears, and a button ("submit") appears.
Suppose for the first element("moni") of MyItem: the user checks the check box( became true), when he clicks OK, the check box and the OK button disappear.
Suppose for the second element("graz") of MyItem: the user did not check the check box(remains false), when he clicks OK, the check box and the OK button disappear.
my objective is that I want to print, when the submit button is clicked (after entering all elements), each element of MyItem and the boolean property false or true of this element (which I get from the checkbox of this element)

example output: moni true
graz false

Thank you guys, I know that I asked a lot but I am still new and I need some push:)


13 years ago
hi Chidam,

it works, but of course you knew that:)

Thank you for your quick help

hi Ritchie,
I am glad to be here, still new to the Java environment, but hey, it is never too late to start learning

13 years ago
Hi all,

I made an interface using SWT, it includes 14 buttons with text values respectively : Element_1, Element_2, ..., Element_14.

I want to write event handlers on each button stating that : when a button is clicked, the text "Element_1" showing in the button disappears, and the user enters the new text suppose : "new text".
after typing for example "new text" he clicks enter, and the button is now having the text "new text" instead of "Element_1"

Thanks guys
13 years ago