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Recent posts by Bhargavan Marepalli


I am using selenium grid-1.0.8 version for testing the scripts.When i try to run my scripts with Safari 5 browser, it is just launching the browser but couldn't run the scripts.

Do we need to any configuration settings in grid setup. I need to use selenium grid -1.0.8 version only.

Can someone help me out in resolving this issue.
11 years ago
@ Tim I think khaja was not able to express his requirement in a clear way..I hope this may be his need. Infact i have the same doubt..Let me put that

A user is Logged in and performed some actions..(Filled some form data,submitted it,viewed some links on the page and done some more actions..) and logged out..

In his particular session, some managed beans will be created and

can we get which beans are created(first time) and how many times that beans are hitted (to invoke a method or any other setting/getting values etc..) in his particular session..Is there any way of recording this in any PhaseListener or some Other thing.


11 years ago
hii..i wrote my OCJP xam on 29th of last month.i didnt received my certificate yet.howmany days it takes to receive??
just cleared OCJP with 81%..

Thank you every one..

Please suggest me the next steps...
11 years ago
can i give like this??
A A=new A();
i didnt find any error but is it but is it correct??
12 years ago
what is the invisible statement in the constructor???
12 years ago
can anybody explain memory allocation for static contents?
for example i hav 5 classes and i hav static variable and static methods in all classes..
so memory to those all static wiil be stored at same location and only once..all objects use that memory
My satement is crrect or not??
12 years ago
why cant i run a java program like java filename.class..
any reason for that???
12 years ago
hey [can anybody help me steal, because I have no honor] ..
hello there any difference between
EXAM 1Z0-851 Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam
and scjp1.6..
What books are needed to shoot this xam..i wanna be a ocjp..please guide me..