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Congratulations on completing both the Java Foundations 1Z0-811 and Java SE 17 Developer 1Z0-829 certifications, Val! Your hard work and dedication have paid off. Keep up the great work!
3 weeks ago
Because interfaces are used to define the public API of a class, marking a static method as private within an interface ensures that it is not accessible to other classes or developers using the interface. This helps to keep the implementation details of the interface hidden and promotes encapsulation. It also prevents the method from being accidentally or intentionally overridden in a subclass, which could potentially break the functionality of the interface.
Congratulations for your Java 17 Certification success.
We have developed 1Z0-829 Practice Tests course at MyExamCloud. Kindly visit  and let me know your feedback.
Arjun Mani,

Unfortunately, the answer is not as straightforward as the question, but there will be more Java 17 coding in all areas. Exam takers must understand the complete exam syllabus and there is no shortcut learning path to prepare only Java 17 features alone.

Visit our Java 17 Developer Practice Tests and take free tests to see how we have covered new features.
Karem Ortiz ,

The industries job requirements changed a lot and most of them expecting full stack developers.

You may still have a chance to get Junior Developer for desktop or mobile app developer (only core Java skills).

My advice:

Learn core Java Skills.
Try working with DevOps tools.
Learn the process concept like Agile.
Code and develop skills in JUnit and Selinium (basic concepts).

Best of luck!

It depends on your current Java version and your future Job changes. Most of the Java EE apps still rely on Java 8.

Note that Java 8 does not have module system feature. So, I prefer Java 17 Certification since it has major changes with sealed classes, records, text blocks, pattern matching and much more.

Visit our Java 17 Developer Certification Practice Tests course and take free tests.

The question Format is "Multiple Choice".
You can verify from Oracle's official page
Thanks for your brief message about your exam experience.
Meaning that it encapsulate behaviors we don’t want sub-interfaces or sub-classes to override or inherit.
Congratulations for your Java 17 Developer Certification !
If you haven't started your preparation; better option is Java SE 17 ( 1Z0-829) certification.  The new certification covers sealed classes, string text blocks, pattern matching in if and switch cases and much more.
It is f-strings's space between two strings.

name = "Tom"
age = 30
w = 10

print(f"{'Name:':{w}}{name}") # w = 10 between 'Name:' and 'Tom'


Name:     Tom
Age:      30
1 year ago