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Recent posts by emilio rossi

..post the whole code of my try applet, hpe someone have an answer cause im trying to hide excel toolbar and no success so far. But im also interseted in retrievin gall the available string more than solving this single problem

11 years ago
hallo everyone, im working with eclipse swt to embed office files into jframes,

is there a way to know all the property strings one can change, for example when you write:

this is just an example, i mean i wish to get all the Strings like "location name", "application" ecc available into differents fileID like excel.sheet or shell.explorer.
i read somewhere they are written in the TYPE LIBRARY, but have no idea of which type library they where talking about.

any suggestion?
11 years ago
yeah, sorry for the stupid post, better stop messing with eclipse when in lack of sleep:)
11 years ago
hello everyone,
i know i can save a string containig special charachters with String string=("abcd\(special charachter)efg"),
but what if i need to write String string=("\")??
for example to tel someone ("FILENAMES CANNOT CONTAIN THE CHARACHTER \")
11 years ago
sorry for the bad code, i retyped it quickly and made some mistakes, in the original one:
1 - it is width:)
2 - >2 works since the class constructor set the frame undecorated
3 - fthis is a typing error:)
4 - Scrdim is a static dimension whic gets the screen dimension

sorry again i typed it in a hurry.

cannot figure out why this dont work for me, i read something about EDT and put the repaint() call into a invokelater(), but it still doesnt work
11 years ago
hallo everyone,
i have two methods into a class wich extends JFrame, one makes the Frame getting smaller and smaller and then disappear (and it works fine),
the other one is supposed to make the frame bigger and bigger to the wished size, but does not work... the frame becomes visible after a while already at the maximum size.
dont know why since the pop() method is the exact vice versa of the flop() method, looks like pop is unable to update quickly the Frame while flop is, how comes?

11 years ago
you can call matlab from java, but not vice versa, so the choice is forced:)

11 years ago
Each method in java (even constructors) have a byte limit of around 65000 bytes, since i am in the need of going over it
i created 12 method each one returnes a bite[] array whic is inside the limit. the last method get all this 12 arrays(insantiating 12 arrays and calling the 12 methods to fill them)
and then put them toghether in one single byte[]array.
this way i dont exceed the method limit, but, if the limit exists there might be a reason, so the question is
do i incurr in future unknown problems crossin the bite limit with this trick?
or in other word, what is the reason of this limit?
thanks to all:)
11 years ago
ok, its going too deep for my knowledge...
..but still unable to figure out why a UI command wich works under WindowsClassicLookAdnfeel doent work under WindowsLookAndfeel
11 years ago
but setting WindowsClassiclookandFeel and using one of the uimanager changes to the buttons i wrote, they affect not only my gui button but even system ones, like jfilechoosers, error/warning popups etc...
11 years ago
when using WindowsLookandFeel on windows7 lots of UIManager changes to buttons look dont work at all, for example:
UIManager.put("Button.border",someborder) doesnt change borders at all,
UIManager.put("Button.highlight",somecolor) doesnt change color at all
UIManager.put("Button.light",somecolor) idem
while in windows classic look and feel everything works fine (and ugly:)), is it a misunderstanding between java and windows 7 or am i missing something?
11 years ago
not much to say about it, its a simple jbutton, the code is the following

to see the difference i mean you must try this code first and then put "WindowsClassicLookAndFeel"

im trying messing around with the uimanager, but nothing seems to work, unless one would write uimanager.put("ButtonUI",some basic ui) and lose all the button features such as highlightning etc,
wonder what is the key string that identifies that line border in the uimanager to set it false somehow...
11 years ago
Hello everyone,
i made a GUI wich looks great with WindowsLookAdnFeel on windows 7 , except for jbuttons ,i want them to have a raisedBevelBorder and so i did, but they have a line Border around the text as you can see in the pictures,
i tried every available method but anything happened,
is there a way to eliminate it and made them look like jbuttons with WindowsClassicLookAndFeel?

11 years ago
making the same operations with the same files with both the java app and the native one...and noticing the gap:)
told you the more the files to be processed at once are the more you dont need a clock to notice the difference.

anyway , im astonished the situation is really like 3-4 years ago.If was mr.Oracle i'd prefere being cross-language than cross-platform
11 years ago
fred, the program startup is evidently faster, it is "visible" without a decimal seconds chrono:)
in my experience, i foun that for an archive operation that
open a word file, read data in it, operates with data, close, open a excel file read/write in it, close (everything with apache poi)
when you reach the 20-30 entryes time gap between java and native starts to get big
i dont know about processors or jvm works, i just talk for my experience.
11 years ago