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That is possible if and if only you implement SingleThreadModel in your servlet class.
7 years ago
I dont know how your project configuration is. But I am pretty sure that there is no need to restart the server even if you make changes web.xml file in typical eclipse dynamic web project.
Hmm. You can use Firebug to make sure how you request is being processed from browser to server.

7 years ago
Can you please post what error/result you got on your browser? It would be helpful to figure out the issue exactly.
7 years ago
Thanks Pradeep Golhani.

It saved a day.
7 years ago
Hello All,

Glad to inform you all that I have cleared OCEJWCD 6 just a day ago. Though I did not get enough score what I expected, it gave me 100 % satisfaction.

I would like to write some of my practice cause I believe it would help even a bit for all those are preparing for that.

From August 2011 onwards, I was preparing for the exam SCWCD 5 with HFSJ theoretically and practically as well. After I came to know that Servlet 3.0 was included with the exam, I took a look at Servlet 3.0 JSR and prepared some hand written notes for future reference. I would strongly recommend you that your hand written notes would help you a lot to get refresh new Servlet 3.0 concepts at the time you prepare for mock exam.

It's advisable to use any one of exam stimulators(The options is up to you. I did not want to mention even anyone of its name)

Here are some quick ways to prepare for the exam:

Read thoroughly HFSJ twice and do the mock exams which are available at the end of each chapter except the first three.

Whatever points you wish to mark on HFJS, feel free to note with pencil. (I have noted around 300+ points on the book)

Read out Servlet 3.0 JSR and take hand written notes as there is no hard copy available for JSR. Spend your valuable time on Annotations and Asynchronous Servlets

Attempt mock exams on your favorite stimulator(s) and have your hand written notes if needed.

On the day when you go for final attempt, have a good sleep to feel fresh and shoot the fruit.

P.S: The questions you are gonna attempt are based on your draw. So, be relax and take the exam if you feel a bit tough. ALL THE BEST
8 years ago

Based on the exam objectives described at, I believe JSP custom tag development is not part of the exam objectives, isn't it?

If you do so, whatever type(GET, POST etc) request the servlet receives, it would send the same response that you wrote in service method. This gives us low productivity. Do you agree?
8 years ago
Hi Lester Carmelotes,

To be honest, I did not take a look at your code. Nevertheless, based on your problem description, I would suggest you to take a look at

You do not need to do anything in your servlet but in JSP just add the following code.

Hope you know where to add the code in your JSP?
8 years ago
Hi Joe Allen,

That s what I forgot it. I checked logs and it clearly showed me the stack trace.

Hi SaiRam,

I strongly recommend you to use any one of Exam Stimulator but I wont recommend the specific one. The choice is yours.

Sounds like you are a true warrior
8 years ago
Hi Mphatheleni Ernest Matidze.

It's always good practice that make sure the context path (http://localhost:8080/webapp) is working fine. If it does not, obviously bug must be in deployment descriptor(web.xml)

The above is the piece of code that I wrote on doGet of my serlvelt. Here I used out.write and out.flush before forward. But it does not throw any exception. The weird thing is If I comment out.flush, request dispatcher is working. otherwise whatever I print on doGet gets diplayed on browser.
Hi folks,

I am preparing for OCEJWCD 6. As part of my preparation, I tried a sample with request dispatcher with response.flush. But it did not throw any exception. I am using Servlet 3.0 and Tomcat 7.

Is it fixed on Java ee 6?