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Recent posts by Ashok Raok

Certainly, there are some exceptions but my point is that one shouldn't assume a name/character that does not reflect one's background especially in a discussion on religion because it can be misleading.
Also, paul mckenna has not refuted the fact that the name is assumed.
18 years ago
Dude, that's not your real name. Hindu's don't have christian names.
[less than friendly comments deleted by moderator -JM]
[ March 02, 2004: Message edited by: Jason Menard ]
18 years ago
Paul Mckenna,
Are you posting under an assumed name?
Your name sounds WASPy yet you seem to be espousing Indian values. Sounds wierd. Post under your real name.

18 years ago
>Because of the economy, I haven't had salary raise for 3 years. Can I bring this fact to the employer as a way to negotiate?
Hi Edy, I'm not really sure if this will help or hurt. Maybe someone else on the board could chime in with their opinion.

>BTW, Ashok, for the $100,000 - $120,000 range you mentioned earlier, is it for average US cities or for the cities on the east/west coast, namely, New York and San Francisco ...
For an architect with at least 10 years evolutionary experience [MF, Client-Server, Web] this is common. I live in Minneapolis, which is a smaller version of Chicago, and have seen this here. It may be that for 7.5 years overall, you're probably looking at between 80-100 K. However, exceptions always exist.
18 years ago
>>The recruiter said $86,000 to $100,000 is a big jump
Negotiating now could be a problem since you have, apparently, already revealed your current salary. It's always best to avoid getting pinned down on your current salary.
At this time, you can try a couple things.
1. Go to a salary relocation calculator and see what the numbers equate for a move from Ohio to Chicago. You can use that for leverage in addition to maybe a 4-5% raise.
2. Claim to have received another offer for 100K or claim that you are very close to receving one. If you have not truly received another offer, you will have to sound convincing. You will have to bluff them out. Smetimes this can work.
Good luck..
18 years ago
The salary is at the lower end of the spectrum for architects. Typical salary ranges from 100K -120K.
But, this would defintely be at the upper end fro java developers that range from 80-100K.
Because you are mostly traveling, your out of pocket expenses are going to be minimal, so you will be saving $$ there. If you're single, 100% travel is okay but if you have a wife and/or kids, then this would only work as a short term gig. Travel can get boring after sometime.
Aparetments in the chicagoland area are not much more expensive than other areas especially if you avoid downtown areas. Owning will be more expensive although some of the outer suburbs may give you good value.
Gieven today's market, I'd say go for it.
18 years ago
He is happy for you.
18 years ago
Analyst - No Coding - talk to the business people, find out what the business dudes want. Interpret that and inform the programmer what needs to be done.
Programmer - Only Coding - Gets the requirements from the above mentioned analyst, and codes the changes.
21 years ago
The JAVA market appears to be down right now. I know in Minneapolis, we advertised one position and received just a huge number of resumes with a number of candidates out of work for a few months.
Generic Java Development jobs seem to have vanished. There still are good jobs available for specific expertise in MQ series, WCS , EJB and WebSphere Administration.
It may be a year before the Java market improves.
On your resume, you may want to include an objective to indicate whether you are interested in a lead role or a developer role. If developer, then server side Java or Client Side Java or both. Also highligting experience for skills in niche areas helps.
21 years ago
3 Years is more than adequate. Experience in WCS ( Websphere Commerce Server) is required.
21 years ago
Seeking a WebSphere Systems Analyst for a contract position in Charlotte, NC.
Rate: 45-50 per hour
Duration: 8+ months
Please contact me, Ashok @ 612-209-4631
21 years ago
In the good old days, 1995 to be exact, I got hired over the phone albeit as a consultant. this was in Minneapolis. Of course I was young and able then and probably sounded that way over the phone.
Then in 98, I got a job again just over the phone, again as a consultant. The only question, they really asked me besides the technical stuff was whether I needed any special accomodation such as a special chair or computer. I guess they were attempting to find out if I might have been disabled in any way. I'm not and I got the job which I later did not accept for other reasons. But I imagine, I probably would not have gotten the job if I was disabled in any way.
Today, the limiting factor is the bad economy and not the phone. This is for consulting only. Full time, yes, you probably need to show up.
21 years ago