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Recent posts by Stevenson Anderson

Hi All Greetings!

I dont have much experience in java.Recently we are trying to develop a reporting tool.
What kind of performance issues we may get..???
How to resolve those?

7 years ago

I could not able to make a request through ajax in my jsp. Please do help me.
The code goes like below....

this is the ajax code in jsp page.

And the controller class is

The function doAjaxPost(id) is called and i can see the alert message, We are in doAjaxPost with id "+id .
But after that its getting failed to post the request (There are no messages in the console from showcolumnlist method of controller class).
But getting an error alert " Error : [object Object] "
I could able to make the request without ajax successfully.

Do help me....
8 years ago
Hi Siddharth! Now I am getting the same problem
From Where did you remove the line <message-resources parameter="resource.ApplicationResources" />
Please do help me...

8 years ago
Thanks Bear!The article was great.
But suggest me the ways how can I make it possible?(Hope you understand what I need to do, from the previous post of mine)

Thanks again.
Hi, I am new to coding. I am working for a production of reporting tool. So in a web page the left panel displays all the available tables in the database. The user must drag any one of the tables,then it must display the columns available in the dragged table. I could able to display the tables from database. For drag n drop, I have used jquery. The script code I have used is given below.

This is the java code written in body.

Here '#makeMeDraggable' is the division where the table names are displayed and '#makeMeDroppable' is the division where the user drop the table. tables is an arraylist variable which contains the table names.
The problem here is after all excuting this, I could able to drag only one table name (the top in the list) and the variable 'str' always contains the last table name only.How can i make all the individual table names draggable and 'str' store only the table name which is being dragged.
I am 'sorry' for the lengthy code but i just want to let you know what i am doing.

Thank you Paul I will try to do that..!
Thanks for your reply Brown! I am not much aware of these coding. But I will try to explain.
In the script file 2 functions are used.One is splitCSV(This function takes the csv file path as an argument and splits the content of the file using comma)
and the second function is CSVtoTable function(this functions displays the content of the file by using predefined style sheets). I could not able to understand the code clearly.
So I just to post the code.

So suggest me how can I do it?
Hi !
I am new to coding.I got a requirement where the user could see the columns available in the table. And then he selects only few of the columns to see the data.
So I am planning to put a check box to every column so whatever the columns selected by the user we can identify.But the problem is how can I write a query after taking the database connection
for dynamic selection of columns?

Please suggest me the ways to do this.

Thanks in advance.

8 years ago
Hi !
In our application,We need to display the content of a CSV file in a table format. So I browsed over net and got some conversion(csv to table) codes.
But the problem is, the row numbers should be displayed in a separate column in the table(which was not in my code).
So suggest me how could I do that?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry! for previous lengthy code. And thanks for your suggestions.
Now I post the code where i thought the error is :
These are the script functions I have used.

And I got the tables available in the database and str is my variable where i store each table value in a while loop. The remaining code is like this.

So the problem is,I can able to drag only one(either first or last) table.But the variable str(line 4 in the above code) is printing different table name at each iteration.
So help me out.


Thanks Bear!
But suggest me what I use instead of frames?
Anyway I should reconstruct everything...
I got a requirement .My page contains 2 different frames.My left side frame displays all the tables available in the database schema selected by the user.After it displays the table names,User drags one of the table into right side frame then the right side frame must show the metadata of the dragged table.So how can i make the individual string elements(table names) draggable and droppable in a particular area?