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sagar kumar nerella

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since Jul 09, 2011
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Recent posts by sagar kumar nerella

Astha Sharma wrote:Hi sagar
thanks for the reply, but actually the mistake was in the link which i was using in this code :banghead:
now i got the mistake and am getting correct output :beerchug:

ok then can you show me how you solved the problem i.e what modification you did
10 years ago

Astha Sharma wrote:

sagar kumar nerella wrote:just simple modification you need to do
i.e while getting the value through getValue() cast it to the string object or date object and then call toString() on that.

but the value returned by getValue() is already of String type and value of the cookie is date so it should automatically display date.

Bear Bibeault wrote:Java code in a JSP? In 2012? :shock:

Astha Sharma wrote: i am getting some alphaneumeric string

Don't you think that it might be helpful to show exactly what "some alphanumeric string" is?

I have just started learning JSP so shoudn't I start from basics? This is the alphaneumeric string which im getting-

then just use that string value to create a date object and call the toString() on it .
because the string value representing the long value.
10 years ago
i think you should use the EL expression support .
instead of using counter=count+1 use ${count} +1

i think it solves your problem
10 years ago
just simple modification you need to do
i.e while getting the value through getValue() cast it to the string object or date object and then call toString() on that.

10 years ago

i have given the 1Z0-851: Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam before 6 months
till now i didn't got any certificate from the oracle side.

how to get that certificate if any one had idea please help me.
sorry sir
for doing that i will not do it again
10 years ago
first of all
check for the typing errors in web.xml
the tag matching
most of the times this only gives error
10 years ago
if i understood your problem correctly
you want some code demo showing the how to reverse the elements of an array using only one loop.

here i am using a temporary array also.

assume your main array of type int and referenced with name mainarray

i hope it will help u.

if i understood your problem wrongly ignore this
10 years ago

from examining your code posted at the very first glance it is clear that the method should be named doGet() not goGet() .

try this change if it doesn't works then try with the using the post method.
10 years ago
i think you can use the jsp standard tag libraries .
i am not sure of this tag <jsp:cookie> but there is a way to set cookie from a jsp with out using scriplets.
10 years ago
if you are using tomcat6 .
the default installation directory will be:
c:\program files\apache software foundation\tomcat 6.0.
in this directory you should find the lib(libraries) directory there you will find servlet.jar or tomcat-servlet.jar and also the main containers responsible for running of servletengine.

extract the jar file and set the class path to the extracted directory or just copy the jar file to the webapplication you building.

10 years ago
ok thanks to all

but my problem is i need to write it to the byte stream( a bmp file as a pixel value) and then retrieve this value.

which i did in 'c' easily.

if any body can give good book on image processing in java it will be more helpful to my concept
10 years ago
my main problem is how to store the value 255 in a byte in java.

in my theme :
i am making a reader and writer for a bmp image . so i am unable to read the unsigned byte values(means to read & write value >128) in single byte only.

i.e like i want to store byte b=255; in any way and this value should be written to the image.
my problem of reading was solved by readUsnsignedByte()

but problem of how to write this value to the 255 in single byte only is not addressed

(in brief i want to set the gray level of a pixel in bmp to 255 using java and read the same as well using only one byte)
so please any one can help me
10 years ago
recently i have done my scjp6 and now i am thinking to give scwcd6 .

can any one suggest where can i get good preparation material and mock tests and some other useful things for the certification..

thanks in advance
can any body please tell me / help me
what is halftoning ?

and give a sample code in java to produce the halftone for a grey or (monochrome ) image.
10 years ago