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Recent posts by Sandeep Kumar B

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:It looks at the version number of the artifact. If the version number has SNAPSHOT at the end, it will look in snapshot repository. If it doesn;t have SNAPSHOT, it will look in release repository.

How does it which one is snapshot repository or release repository ?
6 years ago

I am pretty confused on how maven knows which repository to go for an artifact

Using mvn deploy, i installed following to my artifactory

I see that when I build my project, it always tries to find it only in http://serverName/artifactory/ext-release-local/ (no matter what) . Since above has been published to ext-snapshot-local, maven errors out
I thought it will try to find it in all the repositories defined before erroring out

How does it know for a given artifact which repo it has to go to?
How does it distinguish the snapshot or release repo?

6 years ago
I have class A and class B
and I am doing

Both A and B DO NOT have hashCode and equals overriden

Since these are old classes, I cannot modify them
Is it possible for hashmap to work only on the data part of the class while doing put, get, etc (without overriding hashcode and equals)

org.apache.commons.lang3.builder.EqualsBuilder compares two classes wtihout overriding hashcode/equals but not sure if it can be used with hashmap

Any solutions?
6 years ago
Hi All
I have an existing ant project which builds 20 jars
All these jars come from different packages and 2 jars have same packages in both the jars

I am making a new maven project each jar with a parent pom too

As I started converting to maven and adding dependencies, I discovered that some of the jars have circular dependencies (Classes in Package P1( in JAR1) depends on classes in package P2 (in JAR2) and Classes in package P3(in JAR2) depends on classes in package P4(in JAR1) )

The jars independently builds fine since ant first compiles them and then referes to source code and just packages .class files inside jars.

Is there an easier way to move the code across the jars to remove circular dependency so that each jar builds fine?

I made use of JBoss Tattletale to find any dependencies and adding dependencies in child pom but its getting really tricky with so many inter dependencies of classes over different jars

6 years ago
Is this a full time position or C2C would work?
I am on H1B and dont want to do H1B transfer since my PERM filing is in process
8 years ago
Thanks, I thought the same that formatNumber won't work for even phone numbers

Can I just give the format as a paramter (###-####-#### OR ##-####-####) and the numbers gets converted to appropriate format?
1234221556 gets converted to 123-422-1556 and 12-3422-1556
How to accomplish this?

I guess the in built date format works the same way
8 years ago
I need that the html table needs to be consistent across my project
i.e., I need summary, caption, headers, id etc as per web accessibility

To enforce that tables are created only through this way, I will pass the data for the table along with other attributes(width of each column etc and other info) to the tag

1. Is there a data structure to support the table kind of data? (using MultiKeyMap is one way)
2. Is there a better way if above method is not good to enforce all html tables created follow web accessibility standards
8 years ago
Is there way to give a string as input and depending on its length append sufficient zeros to make it length 20
For instance.....abc2245671213999 gets converted to 0000abc2245671213999
Right now I am doing the same thing using my own custom tag by using doStartTagInternal
8 years ago
I need to pass a regular expression with the data so that I get the returned data in required format as per regex passed

1. Pass the regex 1 and the 10-digit phone number(for instance 1234221556) and the output should be 123-422-1556
2. Pass the regex 2 and a given string if less than 20 digits will have 0 prefixed so that length of resulting string = 20
3. Pass the regex 3 and a number 543.22 and the output is $543.22

How to accomplish this?
8 years ago
I am testing a question/answer based test application
I coded using selenium/web driver the automation test to start the test and only go through all the questions by clicking the answer button(radio buttons) and clicking next which shows next question and its all working fine
My question is how can I use jmeter to do the same simulating multiple users?
The issue is its not one page, but its a series of operation...Register on the website, click Submit...then keep clicking answers and click next until the test is over
Is this doable in jmeter? Any tutorial
8 years ago
Thanks everyone
When I remove all the sysout statements and just keep the assignment, I see that there is not much considerable difference between any of the access
9 years ago
Nobody answered why first section always took 10 times more than last 3 sections
9 years ago
Hi Guys
I have the understanding that accessing any element of Array takes constant time - O(n)

I wrote this program and it verifies this except the first access
Can someone tell me why first access always takes more time(irrespective of the index)
Is there anything happening for the first time which I am missing?

Time taken - : 245242
Time taken - : 32631
Time taken - : 29769
Time taken - : 30842
9 years ago
So, here is my program which is not giving me expected output.
Can someone please explain?

Class file

Test class

Output is

I was expecting to get modified list with ID's as 1,2,3, etc in main method but its not happening
Any idea why?
9 years ago
ok Thanks
Is it a good or bad idea to have a static variable for hashcode and increment everytime when you need to generate it?
That will at least make sure thats its always unique
10 years ago