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Recent posts by Michael Schubert

There was no negative marking.
Which means you should answer all questions, even those you are not realy sure about.
I found the actual test to be just as easy (or hard ) as the sample practice test.
I actually scored lower on the practice test, but that was because I didn't take enough time to answer the questions in the first place and then I didn't review it even once.
I'd say, if you scored over 80% on your practice test, then you shouldn't be worried about passing the real exam.
I don't know about line two.
TestIt HAS-A Dog, but because Dog IS-A Animal, I think you could also say TestIt HAS-A Animal.

yusuf Kaplan wrote:K&B say "To be searched an array or List must be first sorted."

That's right. But K&B also say (on page 577 of "SCJP...") that "If you attempt to search an array or collection that has not already been sorted, the results of the search will not be predictable." Which means the code will compile and run just fine, only you won't be able to tell what it will return unless you run it.

Abinesh Rajagopal wrote:do we need to include the current directory in class path for executing a class that is in the current directory?
Because GoDeep.class is present under directory "x" and we are executing java command from "x", do we still need (.) in the class path in order to recognize GoDeep?

The short answer is yes.
Both javac and java look for classes in the classpath.
javac also needs a .java file, which it can find in the current directory.
java on the other hand only works with compiled classes (GoDeep is a compiled .class, which needs to be retrievable via the classpath).