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Recent posts by ali farid

you can also download a free pdf of Master Enterprise Java Beans 3rd Edition from : Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Third Edition
i am trying to use commons validator framework with struts but getting the following error on tomcat console while startup. It seems as if it tries to find the dtd for validator and gives the error:

INFO: Loading validation rules file from '/WEB-INF/validator-rules.xml'
May 6, 2003 8:01:08 PM org.apache.commons.digester.Digester fatalError
SEVERE: Parse Fatal Error at line 3 column -1: External entity not found: "http:
//". No route to host: connect
please reply if anyone has faced similar prob.
21 years ago
while browsing through the messages of any forum where we can find someone asking for links about information related to the topics of that forum, and then if someone who reads his messages posts links to old messages with good description or link to any article that appeared somewhere back hundreds of days ago,
i was thinking that what if such links to articles and links to messages containing useful information should be listed on a separate page for each forum, that would be very helpful and timesaving.
just a thought
21 years ago
when i send a hyperlink in email through my program. That link is clickable in outlook express and other mail clients except in AOL mail.
Does any one know how to make the hyperlinks clickable in AOL Mail.
hi all
is there any way we can check the network connectivity through javascript. i want to check the connectivity before going to the next page.
you can capture the onclick event on that link and return false on that event. like this
<a href="" onclick="javascript:return false"> download here</a>
i also tried this, but could'nt find a solution to hide the menu bar, status, location etc of current window.
the alternate way is to open a new window(without the controls) after submit and redirect the previous window to another location.
no, its not possible to send a folder or multiple files with the browser's file input field.
what are the possible alternatives to avoid hardcoding the connect string , username and password in the database connection class, and still remain encrypted.
does anyone know of any tool that can convert a jsp file into a servlet
22 years ago
you can use window.print() for that purpose
22 years ago
Actually i am trying to make a JVM monitoring application which shows the names of classes/instances loaded in the jvm and the duration of their life.
23 years ago
How can we check if an instance of a class exists in a JVM
23 years ago
How to get the total no. of records present in a resultset?
and is there any limit on the number of records in a resultset?
i am using Allaire HomeSite which is a nice IDE supporting jsp, asp and coldfusion.
Also using forte CE 2.0 , but you must have a good system with good ram to run it.
23 years ago