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Recent posts by ravisankar sankar


Yes , I want to Store 'map' into 'mapiRamAsset' under a specific key, how do I create key and pass to simpleEntry? how to Iterate the mapiRamAsset
Please help
6 years ago

Please tell me how can I store and Iterate this map
6 years ago
Hello Devaka & Ranchers

I tried to dowload devaka SCJP stimulator. I got forbiddern error. Is it freeware or shareware.please let me know.


Thanks advance

thanks Suhrid Karthik for your valuable suggestions/guidance
9 years ago
Hello Raymond Tong ,

I thank you very much providing the link to download. thanks for all their suggestions and help.

thank you ranchers
9 years ago
Dear sir,

I went through again the link [Raymond Tong ] gives jdk development kit only, I want api documentation download for offline reference. for converting old project developed in 2002 to 2005 I need to convert it in jdk 1.5 or jdk 1.6 that why I asked.
Can you check again sir?
9 years ago
hello Raymond Tong

Iam sorry , your link also going to the decommission page. Iam not able to download it. please check any valid link and tell me

9 years ago
Hello ranchers,

Iam trying to download jdk 1.5 , jdk 1.6 api, from oracle site, but I could not download.

this link is not allowed to download


Oracle mentioned in the link they decommission the downloading api.


Please can anybody having the download link send to me

J2SE 5.0 Downloads
J2SE 1.4.2 Downloads
J2SE 1.3.1 Downloads
I want these api also

9 years ago
hI Suhrid Karthik

Congrats many,

I great to see your preparation, Your notes are excellent, that do you designed in Mediawiki thats great.
I have been preparing for the exam 1 month. Garbage collection and regex and generics are my weak areas. Iam preparing now.

Please add your preparation technique in these areas.[GC, regex, Generics]

9 years ago
Hi Mahmoud Abd-ElKader,

Congrats many,

Please share your preparation & exam experience
9 years ago
Hello swapna kartik

Congrats many, please tell us your exam preparation ?
9 years ago
Dear ranchers,

Iam using eclipse indigo webtoolplatform. how do I add struts 2 plugins to my eclipse dynamic project. please help me.
hi ranchers,

Iam using eclipse indigo webtoolplatform. how do I add struts 2 plugins to my eclipse dynamic project. please help me.
9 years ago
Hello Tushar Sagar ,

Congrats many, great score. please share your exam preparation, and exam experience.
9 years ago