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Tim Bryant wrote:Hello,
I am new to Java and I am trying to write from a SQL resultset("SELECT RecordID,ARNumber,DateUpdated,REVCHANGES FROM Updates") is ther a way I can write the results stright to a database on the mainframe? If this is not possible then I will need to write the result set from resultset query toa text file. Is there any way to write the entire resultset out The only thing I have found is the ability to select individuals fields.


I didn't understand well your question, if you want to write resultSet to txt . etc file , you can you OutputStream. If you want to show ReslutSet on Frame , you can use Jtable or JList.
In the transfer I do not know exactly, but in database you can insert the BLOB(binary large object) datatype , maximum 4 gigabytes.
For example my method split mp3 file and insert it to ORACLE database , insertResource(byte [] mp3);

Sorry for English.
11 years ago
You can deploy EJB jar from server console. It is possible.
I want to parse JSON and read datas , so working with JSON files. I downloaded many libraries. But I dont have any tutorial or example. All examples wrong. Can you advice
me any library, or site , or tutorial?
11 years ago
I download many library for working with JSON files. But, I could not. Can you advice me, any tutorial , site and library for this one.
Or a little code example.
Thanks for attention
cardList = entityManager.createQuery("SELECT t FROM Card t WHERE IN (:cardIds)").setParameterList("cardIds", cardIds).getResultList();

When I tried that , I can't find setParamaterList() method .
Can I use List<CardIds> in JPQL syntaxsis? I can, please write.

public int getCardsByIdsSorted(//List<String> cardIds,
String field, boolean ascending) {
int a = 0;
List<Card> cardList; //= new ArrayList<Card>();
List<String> cardIds = new ArrayList<String>();
try {
cardList = entityManager.createQuery("SELECT t FROM Card t WHERE IN (:cardIds)").setParameter("cardIds", cardIds).getResultList();
a = cardList.size();
} catch (Exception ex) {

return a;