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Ahmad Yazdankhah

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since Jul 30, 2011
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Recent posts by Ahmad Yazdankhah

OK, now it's clarified that when you say package-private, you don't mean package or private. That's called default modifier in the most Java documents.
Yes, the class I was talking about must be public in order to be visible by the whole application.

Can you define your main class private?!
I think your main class must be public.
Java certainly supports global variables but in its own way.

Just define a public static variable in your main class (even though I don't recommend), then all your application can access it.

Does it work fine?

I want to add something important to all guidelines given above. It looks a little bit confusing.
Sierra/Bates book (study guide, I mean) is wonderful but not for somebody who wants to start Java.
Use the other book (head first) to learn the basics of the Java first, then start "study guide" book.

Good luck!

To clarify your question, can you provide a piece of code?
12 years ago

Do you expect a piece of code for this?
I don't get what you mean by: please help?
What's your question?
12 years ago
You should look at the execution of blocks when your class inherits from other class.
Your point is true when there is no inheritance.