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Recent posts by cherry sai

i have some problem in the following code..
here is my jsp code..

in the above code, i would like to bind only 3 items to my modelAttribute( issue_id, deve_names and priority)
but the jsp page is not getting displayed and its showing the following error:

" Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name 'developer_Issues' as request attribute "

my controller code:

my dao class..

my stack trace..

can someone please tell me what was the mistake done by me..
thanks in advance..
9 years ago
hi, thanks for your reply..
sorry for not providing proper code previously..
what i am trying to do is that,

i want to compare the issue_id ( from Priority List ) with an other issue_id (from issues list) and also checking if priority equals 'Highest' .If these 2 are equal, then i want to display the issue_id(which is from the issues list).

here is my actual code:

<c:set value="${Priority}" var="prior"></c:set>
<c:when test='${prior.issue_id == issues.issue_id && prior.priority == "Highest"}'>
<td><c:out value="${issues.issue_id}"/></td>
9 years ago
i have a problem in displaying a list of values from a controller to my jsp page.
can someone please tell me how can i display values in the jsp page??
i am using hiberante and springs.
here is the code..

<c:set var="prior" value="${Priority}"></c:set>
where i have issue_id and priority in my list (Priority is the list from the controller).
when i am trying to display issue_id in my jsp page by saying ' prior.issue_id ' , its showing an error

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "issue_id"

can someone please help me how to solve this problem..
and i dont want to use <c:foreach> for this case..

thanks in advance..

9 years ago