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Paul Anilprem wrote:

Peter Ku wrote:Hi,

Why is Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Study Companion: OCPJWCD/OCWCD/SCWCD Oracle Exam IZ0-899 3rd Edition by Charles E. Lyons (31 Jul 2012) still not available?
There is a date on Amazon that says it will be released on 31 Jul 2012 but it still hasn't been released... That's disappointing

There could be many reasons for the delay. It is usually beyond author's control. But you can start with the free JEE 6 Tutorial published by Oracle while you are waiting for the book

Thanks for sharing this link.
Can you tell specific topics that are not covered in head first servelet and jsp and that need to be studied for the exam.
i can do this myself but still some help is always welcome and encouraging.
Hi this question is for the author Ido Green of the book - Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript.

What are the prerequisites for this book. Will a java script beginner understand this book.
Also what is the style of this book. Like , do readers go through practical examples , or there are quizzes in between that stimulate interests.

NSR (National skills registry ) maintains a list of all IT employees , the project they have worked on , and other details that I am not sure of.

NSR ( initiative of NASSCOMM ) website says:
The data is 'owned by the employee'. Only the employee can authorise a potential employer to view his/her information. Confidentiality and privacy are, thus, assured.

However I am not sure , if that is really true. And I am sorry to say I do not have much information - probably if you have contacts with an HR of a large company , they might know.

The only thing i can tell you is the "contract" of staying with a company for x years/months is illegal and against labour laws.
Just tell your employers I am leaving. They know they will loose the case if they sue you.-- which will never happen.
8 years ago
Thank you sir once again !!
8 years ago
One thing I can assure you is that there won't be any legal ramifications. These contracts violate labor laws in India.
However this NASCOMM thing is evil. They will make an entry in the NASCOMM registry with all details and all companies part of it will be able to see it. And its upto them to overlook it.
Yes 10k is a pittance. When I was in India starting average starting salary 4 years back was 25k.
And who says there are no jobs in India. IT companies would hire "truck-loads" of engineers. I would suggest join XYZ. Its not part of NASCOMM and its easy to get into.

Just read this today
(8000 quit infosys ) which means IT job market is good as always.
8 years ago

Ashok Pradhan wrote:Dear friends today I have cleared OCEWCD 6 with score 91%


I started preparation from the HSFJ from Sierra, Bates and Basham book which I have covered 3 times.Thanks to the Authors for the nice book
I write lots of small program on each chapter mostly without using any IDE I used Textpad to write programs.I also read some parts of Servlet 3 Specification(Annotations,Pluggability,Security,Asynchronous Servlet),JSP2.2 spec,Frederic Esnault notes(must recommended),PeabodyOnScwcdPatterns notes which covers most of the Pattern questions,ScwcdHints by Jothi Shankar Kumar and read some parts of JEE6 API.

Mock Exams
HSFJ final mock exam I score 57% because I have the 1st edition of the book and it had lots of errata.
Nikos' Java blog Custom Tags Exam(91%)
Nikos' Java blog EL Exam(92%)
Nikos' Java blog JSP (91%)
Nikos' Java blog Servlets (84%)
Java EE 6 SCWCD Mock Exam by Piotr Nowicki' (72%)
Did all 10 the enthuware mock exams and I found it really good and learned a lot.(It gives some important explanations).
My Enthuware scores are 68 , 68 , 74 , 68 , 77 , 81 , 84 ,91 , 86 , 84 .

Real Exam

The exam was not tough as compared to SCJP exam. The real exam toughness level matches with enthuware mock exam.
I missed 5 question on the exam and I took 1hr and 20min to complete the exam.There are 12-15 question which are based on Servlet 3.0.In my exam there are to custom tag questions.

Wish you all the best !!

Congrats man !!
I guess by HSFJ you actually meant HFSJ (head first servlet and jsp).
I have the first version of this book. and am reading through it.
I need to give the exam in one month.
So I just downloaded all the material you listed.
Will that be enough ?? And thanks for sharing with us. I was wondering which book to buy . There is no good book for the exam in market.
But still if you can recommend one book , that will really help me a lot , because the HFSJ book i have is jee 4.0 specs based.
8 years ago

gurpeet singh wrote:

Charles Lyons wrote:Hi all,

Apologies for not replying sooner - time seems to fly by!

The final revisions are going in the new Oracle / Java EE 6 version of the book in the next couple of weeks. There has been a lot of ground to cover with the new objectives, including 3 new chapters and various other modifications throughout, examples, new questions, errata incorporation etc. As usual we're trying to get this as perfect as possible on the first pass, rather than rush to publication and contain many errors.

Bear with us - the proof should be with the printers by the end of this month and then it usually takes a couple of weeks before it becomes available to ship out.

We are working with distribution partners in the UK, Europe, USA and India so should be available for ordering locally


eagerly waiting for the book Charles.

hi Charles .
Is the book out.
I desperately need this book. I scheduled my exam in a month from now and have to start from scratch.
amazon says its out of print. so it looks like its out already.

Can you write small piece of code to demonstrate this. I wanna learn both these ways . Or some pointers please.
8 years ago
I am writing iterator method of a class.
The structure of class is as:

class A{
TypeX[] typex;
public Iterator<TypeX> iterator() {} // this is the method i wanna write

I tried this in my iterator methods code:

return Arrays.asList(typex).iterator();

This will return the Iterator<TypeX> as required , but i want my iterator to throw an UnsupportedOperationException, when i call its remove method.
So I need to override this method.
Can someone tell me how to do this??

8 years ago