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Andrew flexdeveloper

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since Aug 04, 2011
Hi i am Andrew John, a flex developer in India. I want to share my knowledge of flex development and flex application development with online users. If you have any query related to flex development and services, feel free to contact me.
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Recent posts by Andrew flexdeveloper

constructor can not be created in an abstract class.even though we write the constructor, when the constructor will be called..?only if the object is created. but we cannot create an object of abstract class.even though we create object using indirect way, there also, we cannot call the constructor of the abstract class.finally, constructor for the abstract class cannot be called.
Try to make class public. and then try it will solve your ......
The elements of the ArrayCollection can be used in bindings that will be continued to be monitored. This is not the case with the normal Array class, once the element from an array is used in a binding, it is no longer monitored. ArrayCollection provides a rich set of tools for data manipulation

According to the Adobe flex liveDocs ArrayCollection class is a wrapper class that exposes an Array as a collection that can be accessed and manipulated using the methods and properties of the ICollectionView or IList interfaces. Operations on a ArrayCollection instance modify the data source; for example, if you use the removeItemAt() method on an ArrayCollection, you remove the item from the underlying Array.
9 years ago
Hey andrew...

why don't you try this resource ?

This is very nice and really helpful.
9 years ago
See this site and

I am not sure it will solve your problem or not , but it will give you some hint for the solving your problem
9 years ago
Hi friends,

I also face the same problem.

Can you please help me in details?
9 years ago
SAP and Adobe has a variety of methods to integration. There are four methods,

1) Using SAP Flash Island scenario
2)Using SAP BSP and an embedded Adobe Flex component
3)Using an HTTP REST backend application in SAP BSP – and an Adobe Flex RIA as Frontend
4)Using WebService enabled SAP BAPI’s as backend application – and an Adobe RIA as Frontend

If you want to more details read
9 years ago