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Recent posts by Nam Ha

Try to use:

12 years ago
It is just an identifier, you can use or not.
Why don't go to Spring website?

I have some experience in Spring but not in JSF. So I can tell you JSF background is not required to learn Spring.
People in my team prefer using Spring over JSF because I think Spring is more powerful and flexible.
I do not have experience in JSF so other guys would tell you the comparision of the both.
12 years ago
Hi Hermann,

Thanks for your info. I got a look at the certification page, it looks the the price is cheaper than a couple of years ago
Hi Micheal,

I followed you suggestion, and it worked!


Thanks a lot
12 years ago
Thanks guys for sharing your experience on Maven.

I prefer using Ant for my small to medium projects. I wanted to move to Maven, however I stopped at first place when reading Maven tutorials, as I did not understand what the document says. It seems that learning Maven is harder then Ant.

Will Maven replace Ant or both are still living together?
12 years ago
It seems to be FireFox's behavior, I got the same problem like you, and I often have to restart FireFox to see changes in Applet.
12 years ago
Hi my friends,

The question which I am going to post here was posted on Oracle Java forum about 2 weeks ago. However I did not get any answer so please allow me to re-post it here. Hope some experienced guys can help me.

I want to have my table with a cell spans on two columns, like merged cell in Excel.
I found an example here:

But I were not able to get it works, it throws some exception at runtime:

Any help?

Many thanks,
12 years ago
Congratulations Hermann Laghom !

I got SCWCD 1.5 two years ago, should I go on with 1.6 version? How much is the different between version 1.5 and 1.6?
From the import:

12 years ago

shivang sarawagi wrote:How do we get to know that the error generated in any java code is compile time or runtime ?? Is there any rule for it ??

- compile time errors generated by the compiler, javac.
- runtime errors generated during execution of a program, by the JVM.
12 years ago
Why not use JSTL tags in your JSP page?
12 years ago
Hi Foamy Caramel,

I think you should use a common action listener if all the buttons do the same thing, regardless of buttons.
I prefer using separate action listeners for each buttons, and wrap the common things into a method.
12 years ago
If you call super() explicitly, it must be the first line in the constructor, otherwise the compiler will complain.
12 years ago
Thanks Rameshwar Soni for your great explanation!
I got to understand String pool better now
12 years ago