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I always come up with a wrong estimate about how long it would take to present my slide deck. Often, I hurry up towards the end. Is it just me or does this happen to others ? Are there any suggestions around this topic in your book ?

9 years ago
On Aug 19, 2011, passing score for 1Z0-851 was 61%. It is subject to change. Sorry but I am not sure what 310-365 refers to.
10 years ago
Today, I passed OCPJP with 61%. Wanted to share my experience although this is probably not the way to prepare for the exam and not the score that anyone would aim for.

- Registered for the exam on July 29 and started reading K&B SCJP 5 book.
- Read the chapters and wrote around 30 small programs to understand certain concepts.
- Did not spend much time on analyzing the trick questions at the end of each chapter.
- Googled Console and Navigable since they were not in SCJP 5 book.
- Scored less than 50% on the two K&B mock exams -- one on CD and one downloaded.
- Scored 50% on the 14-question assessment link provided by Bert Bates on this forum.
- Scored 47% on PearsonVue practice exam the day before the actual exam.
- Did not attempt any other mock exams.
- Decided to go ahead with the exam by focusing on the two-minute drills in K&B book.

Actual exam is quite different from the end-of-the-chapter questions in K&B book. I feel the K&B book does a good job of covering the exam objectives.
11 years ago