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Recent posts by hitesh jaymz hetfield

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:Sure.

Indeed, you can also acquire a list of eligible exams (from NIIT). Generally, a voucher is valid for more than one certification, and you can choose any of those while taking the appointment.

I'm not sure about exact details with Oracle certification, but during SUN days, same voucher could be used for SCJP/SCJD etc.

sure sir...i would get all the details for oracle is providing this advantage or not thanks

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:

hitesh jaymz hetfield wrote:my doubt is how can i confirm that i have purchased correct ocpjp1.6 voucher...i am scared i might have purchased the wrong one.

Voucher does not mention any exam code or name on it. You can cross check your request with NIIT if you have any doubts. Apart from that, it's auto confirmed at the time of exam appointment.

I hope this helps.

hello sir,

thanks a ton for the help sir, i thought the exam code and the name would be written on it, i will futher enquire with NIIT...

satyakumardubi das wrote:Cover all syllabus ( concentrate more on java basics because they have 2nd part 1Z1-804, which cover all the java). Java basic / operator/arraylist and class inheritance

my doubt is how can i confirm that i have purchased correct ocpjp1.6 voucher...i am scared i might have purchased the wrong one.


please help me out....as i have purchased the voucher from NIIT and i got the admit card in my email in the protected pdf file....now my doubt which i request you to clear is...the client name written on the admit card is : SUN MICROSYSTEMS - OU JAVA, ORACLE SOLARIS NETBEANS EXAM KEYS.... there is nowhere written about the SCJP of OCPJP...

i would be obliged if anyone replies..

thanks in advance.

hello all,

i just purchased new ocjp voucher from niit delhi through my friend, the niit person created a doubt in my mind by asking he has scjp voucher as well as ocjp voucher...i asked him for OCPJP 1.6 voucher and he gave me the voucher in which the admit card is shown for SUN MICROSYSTEMS - OU JAVA, ORACLE SOLARIS NET BEANS EXAM KEYS.........please let me know is this the same SCJP or OCPJP 1.6 voucher.

i would be highly obliged for your replies.
thanks a lot.
but the sub class has to throw exception only in the case of checked exception when its super class is throwing a exception...but here its unchecked exception...???or my concept is wrong..
heyy thankss for the reply ....but can there be a more specific answer to it...in terms of technical reasons...as even before android was launched...java was preferable language.....y so??
i have heard people saying that .net is much stronger than java....is that true...what are the exact features that differentiate java from others....
i am also appearing in the exam this month...are there any tips..so that i can score well ...