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I am in a very challenging situation,  long story short, 2 methods(createNewSystem and updateSystem)  have the same datatype, but updateSystem needs sys_id filed in this datatype, but createNewSystem can't have sys_id, so my solution is to create a new datatype for this. I am new to wsdl, I'd appreciate your help. I have 2 questions:
1. Can a wsdl file have 2 datatypes with the same name? maybe in different target namespace and namespace?
2. Below is the modified wsdl file, I got an error says
"Error in generating Java from WSDL: Type {}mytype is referenced but not defined. Type {}mytype is referenced but not defined."
what I did wrong? Thank you for your help.

4 years ago

Piet Souris wrote:Suppose we have a string of an even number of characters. And suppose we can form a palindrome.
What does that mean? Every character in the left half must also be present in the right half.
If we thus make a frequency table of all the characters, we see that each frequency must be even.

If, on the other hand, we have an uneven number of characters in the string, then we have some
character in the middle. For the left haf characters we have the same situation as before, so
all the characters have an even frequency, except for one character, which has an uneven frequency and must be in the middle.

Now, how many palindromes do we have? Well, I've written quite some code about something similar, in the 'programming diversion' forum, 2nd page. The way to calculate that number is a well known formula from the combinatorics: given W white balls, R red and G green, how many permutations do we have? And in this case: divide the answer by 2. (edit: or each frequency by 2 before calculating the answer? ;))

Thanks for the help. What's the post title so I can look up?
5 years ago

I need help for a solution for an assignment. The question is to calculate the number of palindromic strings that can be created using the letters in a string. A valid palindromic string is one that uses only the letters in the given string, and is the same length as the given string. for example "Tom Smith", "ooohhooo" and "tiommoit" are valid. Any help is appreciated.
5 years ago
Tim, thanks for your help.

I tried "-C 0" option, it is not working. I suspect DOS/Linux version issue.

I am pretty new to Linux, my question is for 2nd option, since all characters are in one line, only white space between those characters, so what's the pattern I am looking for to get the difference part?
5 years ago

I am working on a project that compares 2 files and generates an output, the input file format is this: xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
I use diff -c -w -B file1 file2 >diff.txt, the output format is this:
file1 xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
file2 xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zzzzzzzzzzzz xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

is there a way I can get rid of the common lines, only show the different part? something like

file1 yyyyyyyyyyyyyy
file2 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I tried diff -y --suppress-common-lines, it is not working. I tried sdiff, it only shows both files first left column even if they are identical.
5 years ago
We have several web applications using struts1.1, I developed new functions and new web pages for one application. Now I was asked to develop the same function and web pages for another application with minor changes. Are there any better solutions than copy & paste the same codes? Thanks for the advise.
9 years ago
I have a syntax error for these lines:

How to replace 2-D array in JavaScript,Use Object?
Here is the code I converted to.
The problem is 2 dimensional array in Java, however in JavaScript, when I try to define 2 dimensional Array, I have a syntax problem. Say how to define this two lines in JavaScript.
I need to use this function either at Server side or at Client side. If I can convert this code to JavaScript function, then I can use it at the client side, which is much much simpler. If I can't, I've to summit a request to call this function at Server side. I'd prefer use it at client side.
Hi everyone,

I have a Java method that I'd like convert it to JavaScript function, is this conversion doable? Here is the Java code.
doLoadDictionary function is called by another function, lp is parameter passed from the calling function. Here is the calling function.

last line calls function doLoadDictionary, lp is a string, value is language name.

line 13, lp.toLowerCase(), IE complains lp is null or not an object.
I have a method which works fine in FF, however in IE, I get a null or not an object error. Here is the code, IE complain about parameter lp which I pass value from another method.