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Recent posts by Saif Asif

Why does it have to set it to args[0] if the argument length is >0

We can only tell that once we take a look at the program written in the book. As far as I can tell, this particular check is just making sure that the 'host' variable name is never null. The program that follows may be dependant on the presence of this variable name and therefore the author has added a check on this variable so that if user hasn't passed in any argument then set the 'host' to 'localhost'.
By far, the best book is Struts2inAction
9 years ago
Yes you are right about that. My project is actually an extension of these in which I have setup a single action class, implemented basic Action functionalities. Theres also a default test case that any user can change as per his/her requirements and I have also implemented the log4j logger along with its configurations. So right now my project is more of a plug and play type where you can simple pull it up and run it as it is.

The reason why I implemented an action flow is that sometimes I noticed that new users of struts are able to setup everything allright and still they are confused about placing the JSP and action classes, so for this purpose I have already implemented a default easy to understand structure of folders and source folders as well that any new user can easily understand and implement his own project on top of it.

Your feed-back is highly appreciated on it and if you notice any bug , please do file a bug at the issues tab in that repo over git
9 years ago
Greetings fellow ranchers,

I was coming across numerous questions from newbies in struts2 about basic configurations issues, how-to setup action classes, what configurations to do in the struts config files, naming ( and the list goes on .... ) so I thought to make a default skeleton project for struts2 just for this purpose. I have pushed this up on my personal git repo and anyone can pull and use it to compare his/her project configurations or even build his own on top of my skeleton project.

Of-course I am open to discussions and contributions along with advices as to how to improve it more. The link to the git repo is here

Good luck on your struts2 projects people
9 years ago
Hello Mike,

We are switching our version of Spring to the latest release. Because our current nexus repository is for the current Spring version, I created a custom nexus repository for the new Spring framework jars.

What is the purpose of making a completely new nexus repository? If you just want to make use of some other jars version, simply refer to them from your existing nexus repo, why make a new one ? Keep the new ones along with the old ones and refer to any version that is required
9 years ago
How about this

Table header : #BBA0D4
Table background : #F6DFF6

Edit : Bear's suggestion for the table header
9 years ago
Hello Suresh,

Take a look at my post here . I have mentioned a number of useful links

Maneesh Godbole wrote:

Saif Asif wrote:...messages are not an elephant....

Yeah. Its called an Analogy

Nice. I fail to understand its significance in suggesting a change in color for the mooseages.
9 years ago
Uuuhhh Really ??
9 years ago
Then again, messages are not an elephant. We can still change the color! Maybe dull down the color bit.
9 years ago
Can we please change the color of the purple messages, the color is too shockingly bright !
9 years ago
Although I never came across this situation , but it seems to be a pretty serious issue. I have been using struts v2.3.12 without any issue. Will post back if I face any issue with
9 years ago
Hey Bob,

There are loads of frameworks and JEE technologies being used out there to develop web applications. The big guns are
- Spring
- Struts
- raw JSP/Servlets ( a bit obsolete now but still used )
..... and many more

so the first thing you should focus on is to understand what technologies are being used in your office. You will find lots of online tutorials over the internet and of-course we ranchers are here to guide you on the way. But I would want you to first focus on these things in the office regarding your new job
1. Which frameworks are being used for MVC development and
2. Which application server is being used for deployment.

These will give us with the direction as to which areas we need to focus on

Do post back for any further queries.
9 years ago
There is a manifest tag that you can use in your parent jar tag. Look at snippet below

As for the batch file , I would first like you to try it out yourself and post whatever you have tried here and then I will guide you along the way !
9 years ago
What is your start-up problem ? Is the ear not getting deployed ? Or just the server is taking a bit longer to deploy your application ? If its the latter, then the issue is more or less related to your project configuration ( it might not even be an issue at all and your application just takes time to start, thats is).

A jboss5 startup usually takes about 20sec on my computer. Ofcourse this is no benchmark since it depends entirely on the system configuration. I also have worked on a couple of projects that take about 7minutes to deploy.

So you needn't to worry about this unless the same project is getting deployed much quicker on another installation of jboss5.
9 years ago