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I advice u to search in this site with key word shift operator.It may be some time consuming but if u go thru to these link i am sure u will learn diff. question and as well as answers.
protected synchronized static void main(String args[]){}
may compile but this will give a run time error indicating that the class so&so main must be public and static.
Hi swapna,
Let me try to explain u
int j=3;
int k;
k=j-- +j++ *j;
/* In the above expression u have 3 j's.So first j the is 3 and after that it is post decremented so the value of the second j is 3-1=2.Now it is post incremented ie 2+1=3,so the value for final j=3. i,e 3+2*3=>3+6=>9 .Thats why it will print the value of j as 3 and value of k as 9 */
System.out.println(j+" "+k);
output--3 9
int j=3;
int k;
k=j++ +j-- *j;
/* same here too first the value of j=3 then post incremented so value goes to 4 and then post decremented so the value comes to 3.i,e 3+4*3=>3+12=>15.So it will print the value of j=3 and k=15. */
System.out.println(j+" "+k);
output--3 15

Hope this helps u
This Question may sound silly but wanted to be more clear.
long=64 bits and float=32 bits.
so my Question is in widening conversion how is it possible to convert long to float, thing is the size of long is more than float.
is default a java keyword or reserved word?
hi Joseph ,
I think u can search in any job monster ,flipdog,headhunter,computerjobs etc.....
Go to global network in monster located after featured employers and select the country u r interested.same in other job search engines.Hope this helps u.
18 years ago
thanks Corey and val,
every time i used to read this sentence and when i go for revision again it seems to be new to seeing val's example and Corey statement i can remember for every.Thanks again.
You cannot subclass the array class?
Can some one explain me with example
Thank you everyone!! This is just what I needed.
Hi all,
I am confused !!
can some one give an example like how to find the binary number for negative numbers.
i know this tech. to get the binary number for -ve values.Please correct me b'coz for some numbers i am getting diff. values.
lets take -192
we should take 192 and minus 1 i,e 191
get the binary form for 191 i,e 10111111
step3:and then change 0's to 1 and 1's to 0's
i,e 01000000(which is the binary value of -192)
am i going in the right way?please let me know.
[ January 29, 2002: Message edited by: kittu anu ]
yeah I gave twice for two different companies.
Most of the companies will ask to take this test as a basic requirement(screen test) for the selected job.There is no time limit as java certification test.the questions starts with medius range if u do it correct the level will be increased so on.If u prepare for java certification then this test will be easy.they even ask few questions in servlets too.hope this helps u.
hi all,
i tried for -ve numbers i,e -5>>2 etc but not clear with -numbers how to calculate the decimal number.bcoz for diff numbers i am getting diff. values
this is for -3>>2
step1: get the binary number of -3 i,e 1111 1101
step2:1111 1101 >> 2
1st right shift :1111 1110
2nd right shift: 1111 1111
here the last significant bit is 1 which indicates the -ve number and it will display value as -1.
[ January 28, 2002: Message edited by: kittu anu ]