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Recent posts by Ada Wang

Does Anyone have experience of accessing CerManager to check test score? I took my test and passed it about ten days ago. But I still can not access CerManager to check my score.
Hi All,
I cleared SCJP2 this morning. Thank you all. This is a great site. It helped me a lot.
Congratulation! It's very kind of you sharing your experience with us. BTW, Could you please tell me the URL of Jyothi site?
Question 46)
Given the following variables which of the following lines will compile without error?
String s = "Hello";
long l = 99;
double d = 1.11;
int i = 1;
int j = 0;
1) j=i<<s;>
2) j=i<<j;>
3) j=i<<d;>
4) j=i<<l;>
I think 4) is incorrect. Before shifting, variable i is promoted to long since l is a long variable, but j is still int. The long result can't assign to a int variable j. Right? Please comment.
23 years ago
The answer should be ABE.
add() - Returns true if this collection changed as a result of the call.
retainAll() - Return true if this collection changed as a result of the call
contains() - Returns true if this collection contains the specified element
containsAll() - Returns true if this collection contains all of the elements in the specified collection.
remove() - Returns true if this collection changed as a result of the call
For static local inner class, no outer class instance need.
For non static local inner class, it depends on whether the enclosing method is static or not.
After I subclass AWTEvent providing my event and override the consume() method, how should I associate my event to the visual component(let's say a button)?
Did you compile all of these code in the same source file?
I really need your help.
Question: (Check all correct answers)
Which of these attempts to assign a value to a byte primitive variable is out of the byte range?
a. byte b=(byte)255;
b. byte b=(byte)128;
c. byte b=(byte)-128;
d. byte b=(byte)127;
I think none of them is a correct answer. After casting, (byte)255 and (byte)128 should be zero value, because they lost their higher bits. Correct?
Read the example code and explaination below that sentence.
If you want to prevent the character represented by a KeyEvent from being added to a TextField, what should you do ing the keyTyped method of a listener getting the event?
a. Execute the KeyEvent object's consume method.
b. Return true from the keyTyped method.
c. Call the KeyEvent object's setKeyChar method with a zero value.
d. Get the current text from the TextField, remove the last character from the String.
The answer is A. Could anyone explain why?
Could anyone tell me the differences between SortedMap and SortedSet interface?
when you look up Java API documentation, you will notice the following classes are existed:
There is no Arraymap class.