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Recent posts by Nicky Moelholm

Ok thank you very much

So I guess focusing on learning ejb-jar.xml specifics is not the way to go.

Rather, it would be better to spent some energy on learning the annotations and details around that.

Hi Guys,

With regards to the SCBCD certification... Does anybody know how much attention I have to give ejb-jar.xml details?

You see in the old days, when I got SCBCD certified for EJB 2.x, there was a LOT of XML tags to remember ...

Is it all about annotations in the test nowadays?

Thank you ,
Hi Guys,

Thanks for answering.

I might even dare go with the mac approach now:
14 years ago
Hi Guys,

I know that it is close to the previously post on Mac Air. Sorry for that....

However could you guys please let me know pros and cons for selecting a macbook pro with leopard as my primary development laptop? I will be doing a lot of Java development.... so I really would be sad to realize that Eclipse / Glassfish / JBoss / ANT / Maven / etc. does not work optimally.

I have been using Windows XP etc. for development earlier. That was fine.
After my Windows adventures I then chose to try out Ubuntu / Mint. That was fine too.

Although this probably is a biased forum I am now considering whether I would benefit from choosing a:
- Windows 7 ( sorry guys) on some Lenovo stuff... Or,
- Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a Macbook Pro ( when it hits the market soon )

Any ideas or guidelines ?

14 years ago

2 questions for you Java cowboys:
[ scbcd ejb 3 exam ]
Has anybody heard about when an EJB3 SCBCD certification exam will hit the market? Perhaps a beta version of it?

[ scbcd ejb 3 book]
Authors have to be out there fast, so some of you (kathy, ie.), must be working on a study guide book for SCBCD EJB3. In that perspective, anybody know how can one apply to being one of the many technical reviewers on one of those books?

Thanks in advance for helping a curious mind...
That must be a typo (I haven't verified the cite): Message Driven Beans are not accessible for clients - and thus they can never have neither a local nor a remote view. It really doesn't make sense, since one of the core purposes of MDBs are the asynchronous nature (thus the only way a client can "interact" with a MDB is through a message-destination; queue or topic).
[ November 30, 2003: Message edited by: Nicky Moelholm ]
Calvin, Nils: There are different rules regarding the signature of method ejbCreate depending on the type of EJB.
In case of a session bean, there is only one: public void ejbCreate() throws javax.ejb.CreateException;
In case of an entity bean: return type must be an Object - so primitives will not do. If you chose a primitive, then you would not be able to use the remove method on the Home interface which takes an Object as primary key argument.
Hope it clarifies.

Sorry, I have not had the pleasure of reading the Head First Book yet. However, I do believe I can answer your question.
The relationships element has ejb-relation as subelements. Each ejb-relation has exactly two ejb-relationship-role subelements which describes each of the two parties involved in the CMR.

Hope you can use this answer. Remember, when in doubt, look in the specification - in this you will also find the complete DD-DTD in which you will find exact answers to your problems.
Hi Vipin,
When you invoke create or remove on a stateless session bean - it doesn't necessarily mean that the server invokes the corresponding ejbCreate or ejbRemove on the bean instance. So seen in that perspective it doesn't make any sence to allow for the client to specify TX behavior.
However, with entity beans, it is another story. When you invoke create, remove etc. on an entity beans home interface it actually means that something is happening in the database (according to the containers strategy this can postponed to TX commit time, etc.). If that wasn't under your TX control then it wouldn't be reliable (or useful at all).
Hope it gives you a "logical" view on those two different cases.
JBoss is very easy to use. It supports
  • hot-deployment
  • automatic table creation of your CMPs
  • jmx-console where you can browse your jndi, queue definitions and database tables

  • - Besides all this, you can get along way without bothering about the server-specific xml file (thus enabling you to focus your studies on ejb-jar.xml).
    Good Luck!
    [ November 11, 2003: Message edited by: Nicky Moelholm ]
    These are services of the EJB Container. As an EJB Developer (role: Bean Supplier) you should *not* worry about such things.
    Hi narasimha,
    I believe one of the best books outhere is 'Enterprise JavaBeans' by Richard Monson-Haefel. It is non-vendor specific and follows the EJB 2.0 spec closely. There is of course also the EJB 2.0 specification itself ... that too might be of interest to you.
    Good Reading!
    Hi JavaRanchers,
    Just a comment on the roles beging discussed. I must agree with many of the people here, that developers fulfill several of the roles described in the spec.
    However, a practical example from my job (Maersk Data Denmark, 2000+ employees): We are apprx. 7 developers/architects on J2EE projects - where 2 people, in average, focuses on the EJB part. As EJB developer on these projects we fulfill the roles of Bean provider and Assembler. We have a dedicated group performing the deployer- and administrater roles. This has worked extremely well for about 2 years now.
    Not to forget: Using ANT or modern IDE's you typically automate the assembly and deployment roles. They do not have to be painfull as long as they are a build-in procedure of your development cycle.
    BTW Kathy : As many other Ranchers I read your sample chapter. It is very good and I will definately buy a copy. Stay active in this forum - that will certainly help the people heading towards the SCBCD certification.
    MoReCo (all free)
    I just created two new MIDP/PC applications, they are all free, open source etc. I write to you in hope of your vigourous feedback and that you will use it. I would be surprised if I am the only one who needed the functionality offered by MoReCo.
    Summary/propaganda :
    MoReCo (Mobile Remote Control) enhances your mobile device to function as a remote control.
    It consists of two applications: one for your desktop, called MoReCo Control Panel (MCP), and
    one for your mobile device which is called MoReCo Media Suite. Using those applications you can control your favorite PC audio players from the couch in your living room.
    The current version of MCP (version 1.0.0 for Windows) ships with two plugins that allow you to control two well known applications: WinAmp 2.9 and MM Player Pro 5!
    MoReCo is Free - We plan to put MoReCo under an Open Source License. Download MoReCo (including documentation) from
    Hope you will enjoy it! Please send your feedback to
    [ June 05, 2003: Message edited by: Nicky Moelholm ]
    20 years ago
    First: I am glad to hear that some of you can use the mock exam(s).
    To the problem you have suriya narayanan:
    If you cannot see the contents of the applet (it is probably still gray?): That is because you either do not use Java 1.4 or you are behind a company firewall that does not allow applets. Please check your browsers actual settings (in IE. you can decide whether to use 1.4 or not).
    Hope this solves the problem. If it does not please let me know (either through here or my email which you find at the homepage).
    Nicky Moelholm