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Recent posts by Mahendr Shinde

Hi Mark Reyes
You can use any free tool for xml, i have made one myself and available here download

This one is based on Java API for XML and jsyntaxpane for syntax highlighting.

don't worry, you don't have to pay anything!!
Why are you trying BMT?
If your session bean method is responsible for data manipulation, you better use JTA and Resource injection for EntityManager. This will allow you to use CMT. In CMT beans, container creates, commits transaction of your behalf.
In case you want to use BMT (Bean managed Transactions), your code where you trying to save new record must be enclosed in try...catch block

This will give you proper error (in server console) if record could not be saved.
Hi baxhuli ,
Are you trying JPA inside a simple web application? In case you are trying to run it web application or java project, you must be using "Resource_local". Which means @PersistenceContext annotation might not work!
An EJB Application provides JTA resource and annotation to inject EntityManager.
Your HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse objects are created by ServletContainer as soon as you make a request.
don't try to use them outside your "service" methods (doGet or doPost).
8 years ago
You need to create two RESOURCE GROUPS
1. for public /guest without login
2. for logged in users

Apply your security constraints to the second resource.


Java EE Security (JAAS) is very flexible, you may create number of resources and provide different level of security to them!
8 years ago
Somewhere in your configuration files like faces-config.xml or web.xml or persistence.xml lies an Error
error is
lineNumber: 5; columnNumber: 13; Error at line 5 char 13: argument type mismatch

You need to describe your problem with little more details.
8 years ago
You have to verify your struts.xml, web.xml and also all required jars for whatever version of struts2 you might be using.
I have explained all common solutions but it very difficult without proper details in your question.
8 years ago
By looking at your code, suggestStr is "List"
whereas, your custom tag is designed to accept "property" of type String.
that means, only single string value is expected over there.
8 years ago
The most common problem is that your struts.xml contains few erros. please post your struts.xml file.
There could be other reasons to this error, for that you need to post your Exception Stack trace
8 years ago
Your problem might be because of "ConversionError" Interceptor who raises an Exception and automatically adds "Conversion" error to your field.
Plus, you have got your own "conversion" field validation. Your another problem is that, You have to "short-circuit" your first "required" validator.
8 years ago
Hi all,
I have been working on Tomcat 6+Seam 2 application, after deploying my application, only those components present in src/main gets identified as Seam component whereas classes stored in src/hot are NOT!.
I copied all my classes from src/hot to src/main and then it started working.. but my question is : does it mean Tomcat doesn't support hot deploy feature provided by Seam?
Here is my article on creating Seam Web project on eclipse.
Seam Web Project on eclipse

Hi Varun.
The project structure used by seam-gen is different that structure used by Seam Tools (plug-in of eclipse). Your friend has used "seam-gen" to generate project with ANT build script. Your project is basically an eclipse WTP project with EAR, EJB, WEB & Test modules (eclipse will report each folder as PROJECT!)
You can build, run, deploy your project without using any build.xml (ANT) file.
Yes, you are right.
One to One is better in this scenario.
You can try Native SQL Query if your SQL query works