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Mikke Haelstrom

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Recent posts by Mikke Haelstrom

In general, I personally make it a point to refer *first* core documentation.

For Struts2 -

What we all do when starting something new, is to build a -helloworld- sort of application. Sometimes the documentation will miss a few things. In that case refer to the exceptions when Tomcat is loading the Struts2 application.

(And post how you solved it, for developers referring to it later know what the problem was and the resolution)

10 years ago

(Even though you might have fixed it.)

Looks like the Struts2 app is missing the commons-io* and commons-fileupload* jars.

At a minimum to run a helloworld kind Struts2 app would require these jars.
- struts2-core-*.jar
- xwork-core-*.jar
- ognl-*.jar
- commons-logging-*.jar
- commons-io*.jar
- commons-lang*.jar
- commons-fileupload*.jar
- freemarker-*.jar
- javaassist-*.jar

The jars will be available in the Struts2 distribution (download from, in the lib folder.

Note: I use Struts2.2.x and higher.
10 years ago