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Recent posts by David Mason

Hi Armando,

It could be that Notepad++ is using Tabs & hiding the fact from you.

You can check whether you are using spaces or tabs here ...

Within Notepad++, go to Settings, then preferences, then "Language Menu / Tab Settings".

In the "Tab Settings" box, is "Tab size :" set to 4 and the "Replace by space" checkbox checked ?

(This is probably the

something that automatically converts tabs to spaces or vice-versa

that Marilyn was asking about in your duplicate thread.)

Hope this helps
10 years ago
Try this ... "How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To"
10 years ago
Aah. The otherwhiles usage of the Furlong - Firkin - Fortnight system.
That teks me back, by eck.
(Shuffles back to his hovel to count his thruppenny bits 'n tanners, muttering as he goes ...)
10 years ago
Are you connecting to your Linux box via putty - using left mouse click - drag - release to highlight text on my putty session = copy in that you can use right click to paste it
10 years ago
Thanks Janeice,

I've posted a couple of times; Last Sunday, and again yesterday.
So I just thought that I'd go for clarification.
10 years ago
Thanks All,

I'm now back on the 'Ranch and have passed Servlets-1 and submitted Servlets-2.
I'm also still on the inactive students list.
How do I get moved back to the Assignment Log ?

10 years ago
Thanks Greg..

I was hoping to pick up at the start of Servlets. So that's great.
I'll get started...
10 years ago
I was on the Cattle Drive until late 2004.
And I'd done most of the Servlets assignments.

But now I am looking to get back into the saddle.
So I think it's really worthwhile.
I like that it shows you that your way is not always the most elegant.
And I like that you are nudged towards a solution, so you always have to think of the alternatives.
Whilst adhering to a Style Guide as you would in any commercial organisation.
The 'Ranch may also help you over the "No Experience" hurdle when you are applying for jobs.

So, I can say that it's worth the money, and that it's worth the time and effort.
10 years ago
Hi y'all,
I just knew I'd be passing by this way again.
I've been thinking about coming by for a while now.
But there are a few questions ...
.. Should I re-register, or just pay again?
.. Where should I begin at, what with all the new fangled (to me) WAR and Ant and so on?

Getting ready to saddle up.
And join you on the 'Ranch again

10 years ago
... I can see the lights of the JavaRanch. But the illumination seems to be differently focused than the last time I passed by. I think I may need to return via one of the corrals I previously passed through. But which one ? Is it OK to rejoin the trail? Do I need to re-subscribe?
17 years ago
Hey, congrats Nick.
Keep roping them in.
19 years ago
When you start paying my salary.
19 years ago

... in a java source you may get away initially with individual strings, or even bunching them up together, but you may find that that style is reserved for the variable strings that you generate during execution. I have been asked whether I gain anything from "all these short strings".
[ May 30, 2003: Message edited by: David Mason ]
19 years ago
Congratulations to you and to the happy parents.
19 years ago
I'm finding that Servlets 4b slows ya down
19 years ago