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Recent posts by Spun Og

Is it possible that its not trying to put it in the tmp folder ? Seeing as I only put the file name ? I dont understand why this would happen in only the production machine tho.
12 years ago
Using tomcat 6 , struts CENTOS
I have an app that generates pdf's and EXcel files. I have separate dev/test/staging production environments. I use CentOS for everything except the dev.
On the clients production machine I get a permissions error when creating the file. I assume its trying this in the tmp folder :

and then I send it to the stream like this :

So on the production machine I get this exception in the catalina.out :

AFter running getfacl I on the tmp folder I get this :

Please help......................

12 years ago
Hi Greg,

Many thanks for your response.

I read my file as follows :

SecretKeySpec key = new SecretKeySpec(new String("mypassword").getBytes(), "Blowfish");
// Read the encrypted data
FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(logType);
byte[] buffer = new byte[(int)new File("data").length()];

byte[] temp = new byte[new Long( DATA_FILE.length()).intValue()];
int bytesRead = fis.read(temp);
byte[] data = new byte[bytesRead];
System.arraycopy(temp, 0, data, 0, bytesRead);

// Create the cipher for encrypting
Cipher cipher = Cipher.getInstance(CompetencyService.TOKEN);
cipher.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, key);

// Decrypt the data
byte[] decrypted = cipher.doFinal(data);
String[] params = convertByteArrayToString(decrypted).split(System.getProperty("line.separator"));

The only time I use the String.readBytes() is on the passkey. Is this what you mean ?


12 years ago
I am creating an encrypted license file with Java on a Linux machine. On the same linux machine I can use another program which has the same pass phrase to decrpyt this file. It works well.

If I copy that file onto a windows machine and run the same program, I get a BadPaddingException :

If I create the file on the windows machine, then I can decrypt it on the Windows machine. So it works well enough. Does anybody know whats going on here ? I am moving this app into production soon and I would like a better understanding of whats going on so I can deal with problems that might crop up.

Encryptino code :

Thanks in avance

12 years ago