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Recent posts by Franck Times

Thanks for your interest in my post.
Weblogic is running on a HP-UX.

I believe I know the main cause... (but don't know how to fix it)

on the server there's an older installation of the WS. Between the two version, function Check has not changed, so what I did is:
1) Copy the "working" directory into a new one
2) install this new deployement into WebLogic
3) start it : it works
4) stop service
5) delete service (from weblogic)
6) in my deployment directory, I removed the "old" version of Check.class and copied the new version
7) back to WL console, install the deployement
8) start => bang! class: could not be found

I studied the two Check.class files: they are slighty different:
working: 598 bytes
non working 521 bytes

I did a compare with winmerge and there's one interesting difference:
the working one on the first "line" has com/hp/glis/ws/jaxws/Check;
the non working one has not this information...

I guess this is the reason for the crash but why ?

12 years ago

gyan kumar wrote:error says there is no class for

Are you sure ? I thought it meant it was looking for a class named which happens to exist and is in the deployed directory:

12 years ago
Hi everyone

I' m going to explain the nature of my problem.

I have modified a webservice and I successfully build it into a war that I have deployed localy on my tomcat 7.

I then chose to uncompress the war file with winzip to a set of directories and files:

with filezilla I ftped (or rather sftped) it to a HP UX machine running WebLogic (
I lock & edit the console
I install the new directory into a new application.
I activate changes
I start the application to service all requests.

and bang !
class: could not be found

I checked in the directory

I looked at the logs to see if there's anything more:

I am pretty sure I did something wrong and pretty obvious but just can't find it !

Was it legit to explode the war with winzip ?

Thanks to anyone.

12 years ago
Hello everyone

I have a webservice running (which is good )

I can obtain its WSDL thru : requesting in a browser WS_Name?WSDL

The WSDL starts with:

I would like to add a XSL line to the WSDL:

1st question: is that legit ? I mean does the XSL line could break the WS discovery process form a third party ?
2nd question: the WSDL seems to be generated by Jax WS RI. How can I configure things to have this XSL element added to my WSDL ?

Thanks for your help

12 years ago
OK I guess I know. This is not a Struts issue but rather a maven one.

Out of curiosity I looked at the deployed war. Horror there wasn't any *****-validation.xml file in the com.mysoft.lab.view class directory. I manually added these two files and reloaded the war in Tomcat.

it works !

so I have now to figure out how to tell maven I need to keep xml files along with class files....

I guess I gonna open another thread in the maven section.
12 years ago
It's not a browser issue, rather a server issue. Your app is not found either because:
you did not properly deployed it on Tomcat
or your configuration (web.xml and/or struts.xml) is not valid.

Looking at the Tomcat web app manager would allow you to check if your app was deployed or not, ruling out one of the two possibilities.

Tomcat web app manager is a Tomcat feature which enables you to have a look on what's running on your tomcat server. You said you were using tomcat 7. I guess (I am using tomcat 6) there's a web app manager in T7. Usually you can access it thru : http://localhost:8080/manager/html.
12 years ago

if you take a look at Tomcat web application manager, can you see you application and does Tomcat says it's running ?

You'll find here some explanations on how to enable Tomcat Web App manager for tomcat 5.5, I guess it's pretty much the same for Tomcat 7

And please use BB code to display your codes, xml files, ... such as :
12 years ago
with <bean:write name....> you're just displaying the field value. If you want it to be editable (i.e. be able to modifiy its value) you have to display it in an HTML element <input type=text ....>

so your code should be in Struts 1.x :

I made the assumption, you've chosen html as a prfix for struts tags with a line like:

And of course you have to encapsulate the whole display in a form whose action would take care of taking into account the modifications (saving to database, ...)

You might want to have a look at this example.

12 years ago
Hi everyone,

I have setup a simple application to freshen up my memories of Struts 2. I think I have done whatever was needed to enjoy client side validation for user input data. The fact is it seems I've missed something. I searched, browsed, thought, etc... but still no luck

First of all, a jsp (displayClient.jsp) with a form:

in the same jsp, in the head section I added the <s:head/> as instructed by various tutorials :

so my action name is "saveClient". Let's have a look at struts.xml:

so this action is supposed to call and forward to:
success: listeClient.jsp (displaying clients)
input: The jsp at action's start
error: a jsp set to display errors & warnings

so in the package com.mysoft.lab.view there are 2 files:
clientAction-validation.xml defines a class extending com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport with appropriate setters and getters plus the action methods.
the clientAction-validation.xml contains:

the values such as errors.range are defined in a file called :

So all the fields are supposed to be required. I checked the HTML generated by tomat, the form validation calls a javascript function aimed at the input validation and the follwing line has been added by tomcat in the <head> section:

So I guess everything's fine. Except that whatever input I put in the fields (valid or not), the action is completed and a new record is added to the database. I know I should also check for validation on server side as you can never trust a client side validation but the goal here is to demonstrate client side validation...

I am pretty sure I'll be banging my head on a wall when the light will be shed on my issue but I would really appreciate if someone could point me to what I missed here for I am clueless.

Thanks a million
12 years ago